Aliexpress Standard Shipping vs E-Packet | Aliexpress Standard Shipping Time & E-Packet Time for Delivery

by Tim Blue on Jan 10, 2023

Aliexpress Standard Shipping vs E-Packet

Before you decide what form of shipping method will suit you best, make sure you eyer your shipping details in the profile section of your account correctly. That way, when you are going through product specs, it will automatically show you which shipping method is available for your AliExpress package.

Another thing to take note of, if you’re getting your AliExpress parcel shipped internationally: Check what the customs and imports duties apply to your package. They have a section on their website with all this information. Bear in mind that the customs will also have to be paid by you.

To understand what shipping method will suit you best, you have to understand the characteristics of both e-packet and AliExpress standard shipping (and other types), and the details that will determine your choice.

Is Aliexpress E-packet functional in 2023?

E-packet is still functional in 2023 and in fact it’s used by top sellers. But the shipping times may have increased by a bit. Aliexpress sellers give Free Shipping using E-packet or Aliexpress Standard Shipping.

What is an e-packet on Aliexpress?


E-packet is a delivery option that is integrated into AliExpress shipping option mostly to favour international shipments that are undertaken by sellers on AliExpress. The way it works is that China Post and Hong Kong Post have made an agreement with the US Postal Service (USPS) to make deliveries within the US easy and cheaper. 

While it primarily existed in the US, it has now expanded to various countries across the globe. China Post has made associations with the local standard postal authorities in multiple countries to have subsidized shipping at a quicker rate. 

But, of course, all of this comes with its own set of terms and conditions.

Requirements to fulfill with e-packets:

Cheap and fast deliveries come at a (metaphorical) price: The USPS has set forth multiple regulations for an e-packet to qualify as a package through the service.

Weight: According to the guidelines, the weight of the package cannot exceed 2 kgs (4.4 pounds). This weight is not limited to the weight of the actual product. The entire shipment, including packaging material, filler, the box and the product must weigh within 2 kg. 

The rule has an exception for shipments to Israel, where the packages can be large enough to be 3 kg (6.6 pounds).


If your package is worth more than $400 (US Dollars), you cannot opt for the option of e-packet shipping. 


epacket vs aliexpress standard shipping

Minimum: The package cannot be smaller than 14 cm in length and 11 cm in width. Anything smaller than this cannot be shipped via e-packet. If the package is in a rolled up form, the length must be 11 cm and the total mapping, that is, length plus two times the diameter of the flat edges should account for at least 17 cm. 

If the package meant to be shipped is much smaller, the sellers usually put it in a minimum sized box and fill it up with packing peanuts or the sort.


A regular rectangular box that goes via e-packet cannot be larger than 60 cm on the longest side. Moreover, the sum of the height, the width and the length should be within 90 cm. In case it is a rolled up package, the length of the tube can be as long as 90 cm. But when you add twice the diameter of the edges, it should be less than 104 cm.

Your next question must be: What are the countries that do have an e-packet service available? Here’s an exhaustive list with all the details that come along with it.

Australia HongKong Malaysia Spain
Austria Hungary Mexico Sweden
Belgium Ireland Netherlands Switzerland
Brazil Indonesia (in trial run) New Zealand Thailand (in trial run)
Canada IsraeI Norway Turkey
Denmark Italy Poland Ukraine
Finland Japan Portugal United Kingdom**
France* Kazakhstan (in trial run) Russia United States***
Germany Korea Saudi Arabia Vietnam (in trial run)
Greece Luxembourg Singapore

In certain countries, there are few more conditions. Make sure to familiarize yourself with the rules that are applicable to your country.

  1. France* - e-packst can only be shipped to mainland France in the areas on zip codes 01 to 95. Other French regions,including overseas territories such as French Guiana, Martinique, Corsica, Guadeloupe, mayotte, Miquelon and St. Pierre.
  1. United Kingdom** - The e-packets are shipped to the mainland UK as well as the regions of Isle of Man and the Channel Islands.
  1. United States*** - All military addresses, territories and states fall under the category of areas that can be reached via e-packets.
  2. There are several countries that haven’t made it to the list, but that is only because there is no agreement between the China Post and the local postal agencies of the respective countries.
  3. Maintainthat USPS has its own e-packet fairy, therefore bringing up the confusion that some countries that are not on the list receive e-packets. The USPS e-packet facility also ships to Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Malta, and Gibraltar, but that cannot be found for your AliExpress shipping methods.

The e-packet shipping times are as follows:

Country Days Taken
Mexico 20 working days
Brazil 20-30 working days
Ukraine, Russia and Saudi Arabia 7-15 working days
All other valid countries 7-10 working days

For countries that are not on the list

Unfortunately, if you live in a country that does not have an e-packet facility, you are bound by choice and can only select the AliExpress Standard Shipping option. Within the portal, you also have an AliExpress Premium Shipping option, but more on that later.

AliExpress Standard Shipping

AliExpress Standard Shipping is the most popular shipping method used across the e-commerce platform, even more so than e-packets. AliExpress Standard Shipping is a delivery system under the Alibaba Groupumbrella. Whenever you order from AliExpress or any other Alibaba websites, you’ll come face to face with AliExpress Standard Shipping.

It is possible that using this method of shipping may raise the cost of execution for dropshippers, but at least you’ll have the guarantee of delivery. AliExpress Standard Shipping has a far and wide reach, along with collaborations from multiple courier companies all over the world that help enable the promise of safe and proper shipping.

The best way to identify a Standard ALiExpress Package is to look for a packing material with the AliExpress logo on it. It just makes it easier for the buyers to identify where the package has come from.

The AliExpress Standard Shipping method is primarily used for orders that are worth more than $5. Since AliExpress Standard Shipping is technically just a medium, its collaborations with the courier services in the local area might actually make your shipment reach you faster without paying any additional cost on shipping. There usually is little to no cost involved in AliExpress Standard Shipping.

The chainthat AliExpress Standard Shipping follows is like this:

Seller > Aliexpress Warehouse > Courier > Customer.

Therefore, it is very likely that the product you are ordering off of ALiExpress is located in one of the closest warehouses to your city, cutting down your shipping costs completely. Typically, your Order takes about 15-45 days to arrive at your doorstep through AliExpress Standard Shipping. AliExpress makes it convenient by sending you a tracking number that will take you straight to the tracker, or if that doesn’t work, a third party site called can be used to track your order. All you need is your order number.

What are my other options?

Well, but what if that waiting period is just too long for you and you don’t even have an e-packet facility in your country? Frent not, because there is a solution for that too. No man (read country) is left behind.

Enter the country you’re in, and on the right-hand side of the product images, you’ll find a drp down menu that asks where you want to ship it to. Once you click on it, it will show you the options you have for making deliveries to your place. This table gives you all the information you need about shipping costs, availability, courier service and whether or not trackin is available for the respective method of shipment.

If you have an account on AliExpress, before going on the hunt for the products you want, make sure to enter your address and pin code so AliExpress can automatically detect where you want the parcel shipped and determine the exact shipping cost, instead of you having to find your country.

AliExpress Premium Shipping

This option is great when your products are expensive and of course, when the e-packet facility isn’t available for the AliExpress Standard Shipping takes too long.

This method of shipping is associated with the courier companies in the big leagues: DHL, FedEx, UPS etc. AliExpress Premium Shipping significantly reduces the delivery date from 4-5 weeks to 1-2 weeks, but it comes at a cost. 

How do I choose what is best for me?

I have summarized the general outlook on all kinds of shipping available on AliExpress. Depending on what matters most to you, whether it is the time taken, the cost involved or the assurance of delivery, you can decide what works in your favour. Choose wisely!

Method of SHipping Cost Time Taken Accountability
E-packet Moderate Moderate No Guarantee
AliExpress Standard Shipping Minimal to low High Assured Delivery
AliExpress Premium Shipping High Very low Assured Delivery