Huawei Laptop vs Acer | Matebook vs Aspire vs Swift

by Tim Blue on Jul 14, 2024

Huawei Laptop vs Acer

Huawei and Acer have always been in a wrung lower than the Macbooks and HP's and Lenovo's of the world. But Huawei and Acer are in competition with themselves and today we do a comparison! Let's see how it fares.

Huawei Matebook D15 vs Acer Aspire 5

Title: Huawei MateBook D15 vs Acer Aspire 5: A Comprehensive Comparison Review

I recently found myself in the market for a new laptop. With numerous options available, I narrowed down my choices to the Huawei MateBook D15 and the Acer Aspire 5, two popular laptops renowned for their performance and affordability. In this comprehensive comparison review, I will delve into the features, design, performance, display, battery life, and overall user experience of both laptops, aiming to provide valuable insights to fellow consumers.

Design and Build Quality:
Both the Huawei MateBook D15 and the Acer Aspire 5 boast sleek and modern designs that appeal to users seeking a professional aesthetic. The MateBook D15 features an all-metal chassis that exudes premium quality, while the Aspire 5 sports a plastic body with a brushed finish, which gives it a more budget-friendly feel. The MateBook D15's slim profile and narrow bezels around the display contribute to its overall sleekness.

When it comes to portability, the MateBook D15 shines with its lightweight design, making it easy to carry around for daily commuting or travel. On the other hand, the Acer Aspire 5, although slightly bulkier, still manages to maintain a reasonable weight, making it a decent option for users on the go.

The display is a vital component of any laptop, and both the MateBook D15 and the Aspire 5 offer satisfactory visual experiences. The MateBook D15 features a 15.6-inch Full HD IPS display, which delivers vibrant colors and sharp details. The thin bezels contribute to an immersive viewing experience, making it ideal for multimedia consumption and productivity tasks.

Meanwhile, the Acer Aspire 5 boasts a similar 15.6-inch Full HD display, but with slightly wider bezels compared to the MateBook D15. Although the colors are generally accurate, the Aspire 5's display falls slightly short in terms of brightness and contrast when compared to its Huawei counterpart.

Under the hood, both laptops house capable hardware configurations that cater to different user needs. The Huawei MateBook D15 comes equipped with an AMD Ryzen 5 processor, paired with 8GB of RAM and a 256GB solid-state drive (SSD). This configuration delivers a smooth and responsive performance, handling everyday tasks with ease and even accommodating light gaming.

On the other hand, the Acer Aspire 5 offers versatility with its range of processor options, including Intel Core i5 and i7 variants. With 8GB of RAM and a 512GB SSD, the Aspire 5 provides ample power for multitasking, photo editing, and general productivity tasks. While it may not be as powerful as the MateBook D15 in terms of gaming capabilities, it still offers a reliable performance for most users.

Keyboard and Trackpad:
The keyboard and trackpad are essential components that greatly contribute to the overall user experience. The MateBook D15 features a comfortable and well-spaced keyboard, with decent key travel and satisfactory tactile feedback. The key layout is intuitive, making typing sessions a breeze. The large trackpad is accurate and responsive, supporting multi-touch gestures for efficient navigation.

In comparison, the Acer Aspire 5 also offers a comfortable keyboard with decent key travel, allowing for a satisfying typing experience. However, the keys are slightly smaller compared to the MateBook D15, which might take some time to adjust to. The trackpad, while functional, is not as large or precise as the one on the MateBook D15.

Battery Life:
When it comes to battery life, the Huawei MateBook D15 excels, offering an impressive endurance that keeps you productive throughout the day. With its energy-efficient components and a 42

Wh battery, it can easily provide over 8 hours of usage on a single charge, depending on the workload.

The Acer Aspire 5, on the other hand, provides a decent battery life but falls slightly short compared to the MateBook D15. Its 48Wh battery can offer around 6 to 7 hours of usage, making it sufficient for most daily tasks but requiring more frequent charging during prolonged usage.

Connectivity and Ports:
In terms of connectivity, both laptops offer a good range of ports to accommodate various peripherals. The MateBook D15 features a USB Type-C port, two USB 3.0 ports, a HDMI port, and a 3.5mm audio jack, providing versatile connectivity options. It is worth noting that the MateBook D15 lacks an Ethernet port, which might be a drawback for users who rely on a wired internet connection.

The Acer Aspire 5 also provides a similar array of ports, including a USB Type-C port, two USB 3.0 ports, a USB 2.0 port, an HDMI port, an Ethernet port, and a 3.5mm audio jack. The presence of an Ethernet port gives it an advantage for users who require a stable wired internet connection.

Software and User Experience:
Both laptops run on Windows 10, offering a familiar and user-friendly interface. However, the MateBook D15 provides an additional layer of convenience with its Huawei Share feature. This feature allows seamless integration with Huawei smartphones, enabling file transfers, screen mirroring, and cross-device interactions, enhancing productivity and workflow efficiency.

On the other hand, the Acer Aspire 5 delivers a straightforward Windows experience without any additional software or features. While it may lack the added convenience of Huawei Share, it still provides a reliable and efficient user experience for daily tasks and work-related activities.

In conclusion, both the Huawei MateBook D15 and the Acer Aspire 5 offer compelling options in the affordable laptop segment. The MateBook D15 stands out with its sleek design, lightweight build, vibrant display, commendable performance, and impressive battery life. On the other hand, the Acer Aspire 5 delivers versatility with its range of processor options, decent display, comfortable keyboard, and reliable performance.

Choosing between the two ultimately depends on individual preferences and specific needs. If portability and sleek design are top priorities, the Huawei MateBook D15 would be an excellent choice. Alternatively, if you prioritize versatility, a range of processor options, and an Ethernet port, the Acer Aspire 5 would cater to your needs.

Overall, both laptops provide value for money, offering a solid set of features that can satisfy the demands of most users without breaking the bank.

Huawei Matebook vs Acer Swift 3

For some reason, people are always comparing Huawei laptops to Acer laptops. Acer is a Taiwanese brand and I've got hold of an Acer only for the purpose of this review. I've never used an Acer before.

Title: A Comprehensive Comparison Review: Huawei MateBook vs. Acer Swift 3

With their MateBook and Swift 3 series, respectively, both companies aim to deliver powerful performance, sleek designs, and impressive features. As a tech enthusiast, I had the opportunity to thoroughly test and compare the Huawei MateBook and Acer Swift 3. In this review, I will delve into their key aspects, including design, display, performance, battery life, and pricing, to help you make an informed decision.


Starting with design, both the Huawei MateBook and Acer Swift 3 showcase elegant aesthetics that are sure to catch the eye. The MateBook's sleek aluminum unibody design exudes sophistication and durability, while the Swift 3 sports a minimalist yet stylish look with its aluminum chassis.

The Huawei MateBook takes the lead with its impressively slim profile, measuring just 0.59 inches in thickness. This makes it incredibly lightweight and portable, ideal for users on the go. On the other hand, the Acer Swift 3 is slightly thicker at 0.63 inches but still maintains a lightweight feel.

The MateBook's bezel-less display adds to its overall premium appeal, offering an immersive viewing experience. Acer Swift 3, while not bezel-less, still provides a comfortable and visually pleasing display.

Both laptops feature well-designed keyboards with backlit keys, ensuring easy typing even in low-light environments. However, the MateBook's keyboard has a slightly more tactile feel, providing a satisfying typing experience. Additionally, the Swift 3 includes a fingerprint sensor embedded in the touchpad, enhancing security and convenience.


When it comes to display quality, the Huawei MateBook and Acer Swift 3 shine in their respective ways. The MateBook sports a stunning 13.9-inch 3K (3000 x 2000) touchscreen display, which delivers vibrant colors, sharp details, and excellent viewing angles. The touchscreen functionality further enhances productivity and versatility.

On the other hand, the Acer Swift 3 offers a 14-inch Full HD (1920 x 1080) IPS display. While it may not match the MateBook's resolution, it still presents crisp visuals and accurate colors, making it suitable for multimedia consumption and everyday tasks. Moreover, the Swift 3's display has a matte finish, reducing glare and providing better visibility in bright environments.


Performance is a crucial factor when choosing a laptop, and both the Huawei MateBook and Acer Swift 3 offer commendable power and efficiency.

The Huawei MateBook is equipped with an Intel Core i7 processor, paired with 16GB of RAM and a 512GB solid-state drive (SSD). This combination ensures smooth multitasking, snappy responsiveness, and ample storage for most users' needs. The MateBook handles resource-intensive tasks, such as photo and video editing, with ease.

On the other hand, the Acer Swift 3 provides strong performance thanks to its AMD Ryzen 7 processor, 16GB of RAM, and a 512GB SSD. The Ryzen processor excels in handling demanding tasks, offering an exceptional balance between power efficiency and performance. Whether you're editing documents, browsing the web, or running multiple applications simultaneously, the Swift 3 handles it effortlessly.

Graphics performance is also noteworthy, with the Huawei MateBook featuring an integrated Intel Iris Xe graphics card, providing smooth visuals for casual gaming and multimedia consumption. The Acer Swift 3, equipped with an integrated AMD Radeon graphics card, delivers competent graphics performance as well, allowing for light gaming and efficient multimedia editing.

Battery Life:

Long-lasting battery life is a crucial aspect for users who require portability and productivity without constantly being tethered toa power source.

The Huawei MateBook's 56Wh battery offers impressive endurance, providing up to 10 hours of moderate usage on a single charge. With its power-efficient hardware and smart power management, the MateBook can easily last through a workday or a long flight, making it an excellent choice for frequent travelers or individuals always on the move.

The Acer Swift 3 also delivers respectable battery life. Its 48Wh battery can provide around 8-9 hours of usage on average, making it suitable for most daily tasks. However, it falls slightly short compared to the MateBook's endurance.

Software and Connectivity:

Both laptops come preinstalled with the Windows operating system, offering a familiar and user-friendly interface for most users. Huawei's MateBook further enhances the Windows experience by integrating its own software, such as Huawei Share, which allows seamless file transfer between Huawei smartphones and the laptop. Additionally, Huawei's Multi-Screen Collaboration feature enables cross-device interaction between the MateBook and compatible Huawei smartphones, facilitating efficient multitasking and file sharing.

In terms of connectivity, the Huawei MateBook and Acer Swift 3 are well-equipped. They feature multiple USB Type-C ports, USB Type-A ports, HDMI ports, and headphone jacks, ensuring compatibility with various peripherals and accessories. However, the MateBook edges ahead with its Thunderbolt 4-enabled USB-C ports, offering faster data transfer speeds and expanded connectivity options.


Pricing plays a significant role in the decision-making process for most buyers. The Huawei MateBook falls into a higher price range, reflecting its premium design, top-notch display, and powerful performance. The exact pricing may vary depending on the region and specific configurations, but it generally positions itself as a high-end option.

On the other hand, the Acer Swift 3 targets a more budget-friendly market segment, offering a compelling combination of performance and affordability. It provides excellent value for money, making it an attractive choice for users seeking a well-rounded laptop without breaking the bank.

In conclusion, both the Huawei MateBook and Acer Swift 3 are solid contenders in the laptop market, each with its own set of strengths. The MateBook excels in design, display quality, and premium features, making it an ideal choice for users who prioritize style, portability, and top-notch performance. On the other hand, the Acer Swift 3 offers a more budget-friendly option while still delivering commendable performance, an excellent keyboard, and a good display.

Ultimately, your decision should be based on your specific requirements and budget. If you value cutting-edge design, a high-resolution display, and robust performance, the Huawei MateBook is an excellent investment. However, if you're looking for a reliable laptop that offers great value for money without compromising performance, the Acer Swift 3 is a worthy contender.

Huawei MateBook X Pro 2021

If you are looking for a laptop both for work and play, Huawei’s all new MateBook X Pro can be the ideal choice. While the high price of this model can put off the budget conscious buyers, the cost does even out while considering the large SSD and the 16GB RAM. The top rated feature of this laptop model is its 13.9 inches display sporting a resolution of 3000 X 2000 pixels. The interesting characteristics of the display are 100% sRGB color gamut and a display-to-body ratio of 91% making the bezels highly discrete. MateBook X Pro has a touch screen and so you can navigate the user interface with your fingers. 

MateBook X Pro 2021 is powered by 11th generation Intel processor. The laptop’s 65w charging guarantees four hours of battery life upon 30 minutes charging. The other useful features to highlight in this model are the Huawei Share support, edge microphone, and quad speakers. In terms of its design, the body of MateBook X Pro 2021 is rendered in aluminum alloy weighing 1.33kg with a thickness of 14.6mm and so you land on a sturdy, compact and durable construction. This model is available in four colors namely silver, cherry pink gold, emerald green and deep space gray.

Huawei MateBook X

Huawei has engineered a great laptop in Huawei MateBook X that is fit to be called a lifestyle laptop. Sporting an ultra-portable body weighing just 1 kg and measuring 13.6mm thick, this model will inspire those that look for a light-weight model. So, Huawei has striven to make this model as portable as possible without compromising on the build quality. The impressive features of this model are a world class keyboard, excellent construction, and best in class speakers. Though slim on ports, you do benefit from the adaptor.

Some nice aspects distinguish MateBook X from other light weight models. The best to say first is the magnesium alloy body. This model appears and feels like metal and in rendered with satin matt finish in each of the panels. The meticulously designed display hinge can be opened with a single finger without having to lift the base off the table. When you use the laptop on your knees, you will see zero screen wobble. There are two USB-C ports and the model supports a display port to connect a monitor. The SSD supports super-fast driver speeds and the 42 Wh battery can last up to 7 hours and 30 minutes.

Huawei MateBook D14

The Huawei MateBook D 14 will suit productivity users and students the best. If value for money is your top priority in a laptop you buy, this is a great model from Huawei to try. Some of the nice aspects about this model are its highly enjoyable keyboard experience and a premium design delivered at a low price. Fortunately, this model sits at a price range where there is little competition. While some devices priced in this range like Avita Liber 14 and HP Envy 13 do not sport a satisfactory performance, Huawei MateBook D 14 will be a highly satisfactory pick for the price tag it carries. The combination of AMD Ryzen 5 3500U, 8GB of RAM and 512GB SSD is good enough to outperform your expectations from a budget priced laptop. 

The 56Wh battery lasts for about 9 hours on a single charge. The definite plus side of this model is the speed of charging as the batteries can gain 50% charge within half an hour. Huawei has delivered a sleek laptop in this model and the aluminum alloy body wears a clean metal look further augmented by the Space Grey color option. In short, MateBook D is comfortably quality enough to delight any average laptop user. 

Huawei Honor MagicBook 15 

In many ways, Huawei Honor MagicBook very well justifies the title of the best Huawei gaming laptop. The new work from home culture has triggered the demand for laptops and hence a long list of new entrants like Xiaomi and Realme have started making laptops. In an attempt to get more customers on the board, Huawei has delivered its best gaming laptop in Honor MagicBook 15. This thin and light weight laptop has some excellent premium features that can support a vigorous life of gaming and entertainment at an affordable price tag. The CPU performance is excellent without any throttles noted aided by the AMD Ryzen 5 3500 U processor. The AMD Radeon RX Vega 8 graphics adaptor does a great job. 

The chassis is rigid accounting for the device’s durability despite weighing just 1.381 kg. 256 GB SSD storage is more than what you can expect. Some of the most interesting features of this laptop model are the fast Wi-Fi connectivity, minimal bezel screen, a sturdy industry class design, and SATA slot adding more convenience. The average battery life and the non-expandable RAM are some downsides. Nevertheless, the price justifies the reasonable features you get in this model.

Huawei Honor Hunter V 700

A number of reviews online tout Honor Hunter as the number one gaming laptop model from Huawei. Designed in an aesthetic way, some of the alluring features of the design are the keyboard with RGB backlighting, light strip fitted around the back corners, multi-touch keypad, and a slim grill over the keypad. Thick bezels surround the display to give enough room for the webcam above the screen. Launched by Huawei as the first gaming laptop under the sub-brand Honor, the brand uses a single H for the marque putting it on the full bodied gaming laptop.

When the laptop is opened, a wind valley channel is created offering an intake of 8.5mm gap for the two 12V fans. The fans are capable of driving 40% more air than the conventional laptop designs and the cooling achieved can keep the WASD area at a temperature below 31o C. Powered by a 10th Gen Intel Core i5 or i7 processor, the laptop can support an active gaming life playing some high end games comfortably.

Huawei MateBook D15

The best Huawei laptop in the most economical price tag, MateBook D 15 is a 15 inches laptop model ably delivering a great value for the price. The several interesting features in this model include aluminum chassis, great performance, and top-end specifications. With all its impressive aspects, Huawei MateBook 15 is a fitting alternative to the laptop models available from top brands in this price range. Intel CPU in combination with the AMD processor assures a seamless performance on gaming, entertainment and graphics work. Huawei has implemented some notable changes in this model to extract the full potentials of the AMD CPU. This is a Windows 10 laptop sporting a 15.60 inches display with 1920×1080 pixels resolution.

The top specifications of this model are the Core i5 processor and the lavish 8GB RAM. The Huawei MateBook D 15 can accommodate 1TB of HDD storage and 512GB of SSD storage. While most notebook buyers will not turn to Huawei as their first choice while sourcing laptops, Huawei MateBook D 15 can certainly impress anyone looking for an average performance in their laptop at a decent pricing point.

How to choose the best Huawei laptop?

The lineup of laptop models in the Huawei’s MateBook range not only look alike, they also share highly similar specifications. Hence, an average buyer might find it a daunting task to pick the right one up to fuel their typical requirements from a portable computer. Therefore, you must know how to choose the right one from the best Huawei laptops.


The most important advantage of a laptop over a PC is that it is portable to carry with you on the move. Therefore, if portability is your top expectation, narrow down your search to the few models that are extremely light weighted as well as compact in size. Huawei MateBook 13 and 14 have squeezed in a lot of hardware within their small spaces.


While size can have an impact on the portability of a laptop, most of us are interested in bigger displays to enhance the visual experience as much as possible. With its large 15.6 inches display, Huawei MateBook D 15 is a great option for its impressive display. Also, the screen-to-body ratio is an important consideration to go by. The screen to body ratio of Huawei MateBook D 14 is an amazing 84% while MateBook 14 and MateBook X Pro sport even more impressive ratios at 90% and 91% respectively.


Without getting too much into the technical details of laptops, the two important criteria that decide the efficiency of a processor are the number of cycles it can complete per second and number of cores and threads you find in the processor. Huawei MateBook D 14 and D 15 use 4-core and 8-thread processor and hence present a solid option for a great performance.

Battery life

The two aspects to consider regarding battery life are the Wh (watt per hour) and the fast charging capabilities. Though MateBook D 14 and MateBook X Pro come with 56 Wh battery, with its smaller display, Huawei MateBook 13 is able to assure a longer battery life of 11.6 hours video play with a single charge. MateBook D 15 can get 53% charged in just 30 minutes.

Mix and match the different criteria that are a priority for you in the Huawei laptop you buy and narrow down your selection with the ones that satisfy the maximum number of criteria to the best extent and thus you will land on the right pick.   

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