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Wholesale Laptop Manufacturers in China

by Tim Blue on Jul 14, 2024

Wholesale Laptop Manufacturers in China

Laptops are an important computing tool for millions of people around the world. They are portable devices that are powerful and can get work done from anywhere. This means that laptops are an ever-popular business. 

If you are looking to get into the laptop supply business, then there has never been a better time to start because of the ongoing pandemic and work-from-home restrictions. But to supply the best laptops you will need to work with the best laptop manufacturers. 

Finding the best manufacturers can be tricky, especially in a vast and competitive market like China. But worry not as this article will name some of the best wholesale Laptop manufacturers in China that you can work with and how to choose them. 

Laptop Manufacturers & Sellers in China

Shenzhen KEP Technology Co., Ltd.

If you are looking to work with one of the oldest, most reputed, and popular brands when it comes to laptop manufacturing in China, then Shenzhen KEP Technology is what you are looking for. As the name suggests they are based in Shenzhen and were founded in 2010. They have been working with Alibaba since 2012.

KEP Technology is one of the most sought-after computer manufacturers in all of China, the proof of this is their ratings on Alibaba. Alibaba has awarded KEP Technology with 5 diamonds for Supplier Index rating. This is thanks to several factors like high-end manufacturing facilities, good sales, and service quality. Their Response Time of 4 hours and Response Rate of 96.77% is impressive for a brand that’s been in the business for so long.

KEP Technology makes some of the best Chinese OEM laptops along with other products like Tablets, All-In-One (AIO) PCs, and more. All their products are certified by FCC, RoHS, CE, and more. The brand itself is certified with ISO, BSCI, and more. So you can trust their products to be safe, reliable, and performant. 

If you are looking for wholesale laptop manufacturers in China, then you would be hard-pressed to find brands better than KEP Technology. They offer awesome at competitive prices. They are also trusted by many customers, which has been the reason for their customers. Awesome products, good prices, and outstanding service are hard to say no to. 

Shenzhen Hopestar Sci-Tech Co., Ltd

The only brand that is older than KEP Technology on this list is Shenzhen Hopestar Sci-Tech. They have been active on Alibaba for over 14 years now, which in itself is impressive, but what’s more impressive is that they have been offering excellent products and services for all this while.  

Hopestar Sci-Tech has been verified by a leading inspection company, the SGS Group. Alibaba too recognizes the brand’s capabilities and has given them a 5 diamond Supplier Index rating. All of this is because Hopestar Sci-Tech is run exceptionally well. They have facilities for research, production, and supply that operate and bring in tons of business.

The brand’s service has been top-notch and hasn’t waned off over the years. They have a 5 hour Response Time and a Response Rate of 94%. Hopestar Sci-Tech is certified with ISO9001, while all their products that include Laptops, monitors, digital photo frames, and more are certified by EMC, RoHS, FCC, and more. 

Hopestar Sci-Tech has been at the top of their game when it comes to laptop manufacturing and supply, they are one of the best companies you can work with. Great products at great prices and with exceptional service are the reason Hopestar Sci-Tech has been successful for so long. 

Shenzhen United Touch Technology Co., Ltd

Unlike the predecessors on this list who have been working with Alibaba for many years, Shenzhen United Touch Technology is fairly new yet they have taken the competition to the pioneers. United Touch Technology has been active on Alibaba for just 3 years but they have been developing and manufacturing laptops since 1999.

The brand has been on top of its game earning 5 diamonds from Alibaba for their Supplier Index rating. The company also has a good Response Time of 6 hours with a Response Rate of 93.49%. Like Hopestar Sci-Tech,  United Touch Technology has also been inspected and verified by the SGS Group.

United Touch Technology’s main products include tablets, digital photo frames, and more, but they have made a name for themselves with laptops as well. All their laptops are certified by CE. They have all the necessary facilities for research, development, production, and supply as well.

United Touch Technology might not have the best service on this list when it comes to Response Time and Response Rate, but they make up for it with quality products and affordable pricing. Their 5 diamond Supplier Rating is a statement of their quality, making them one of the best wholesale laptop manufacturers in China. 

Jingjiang Gisen Technology Co., Ltd

Another relatively young but trusted and top manufacturer of laptops in China is Jingjiang Gisen Technology. Unlike all other brands on this list that are based out of Shenzhen, Gisen Technology is from Jingjiang, even then they are just as good as the others on this list. 

Gisen Technology is a verified brand like the others on this list, TÜV Rheinland is the inspection company that has verified them. The brand has production equipment, quality control, and trading facilities that let them create and distribute quality products all over the world. 

Gisen Technology is known for products like laptops, robots, projectors, tablets, and more. All their products are certified with FCC and CE certifications while the company has been certified with various ISO, COC, and SC certifications. 

The brand has a Supplier Index rating of 4 diamonds which might be the lowest but for a new company, it is still impressive. The brand also has an excellent Response Rate of 98% with a Response Time of under 4 hours. 

All their customers have been happy with their products and service. And that’s why Gisen Technology is featured in this list of wholesale laptop manufacturers in China. They are a good laptop manufacturer to work with, especially if you are in North America where they conduct 60% of their business. 

Shenzhen Ranshuo Technology Co., Ltd

The youngest company on this list is also one of the most impressive. Shenzhen Ranshuo Technology was founded over a decade ago but they have been working with Alibaba for only a year now. But with all their experience from manufacturing and supplying laptops from before, they have managed to be popular and successful on Alibaba too. 

Just like other brands on this list, Ranshuo Technology is a verified brand and they have been verified by Intertek. The brand also has production, development, and supply facilities which allows them to create and sell high-quality laptops. 

The brand just doesn’t sell laptops, their product catalog also includes motherboards, desktops, SSD, and more. So if you are interested in other computer products, then Ranshuo Technology is a great place for all of them. Products from the company are CE, FCC and RoHS certified. 

Alibaba rates Ranshuo Technology highly with 5 diamonds on its Supplier index rating. The brand also has an outstanding Response Time and Response Rate of 4 hours and 97.79% respectively. Their majority of business happens in North America with 40% of their products sold there.

Overall, you can’t ask more from a laptop manufacturer. Ranshuo Technology offers premium products at competitive prices with good customer service as well. They should be a delight to work with if you are interested. 


How to choose the best laptop manufacturers in China on Alibaba?

If you are looking to work with laptop manufacturers in China, then you need to find the best ones so that you have a good professional experience. Alibaba is a great place to find awesome laptop manufacturers, but you’ll need to know a few things to filter out the bad ones from the good. You can find the best laptop manufacturer on Alibaba using these parameters,

Supplier Index Rating - This is a rating system developed by Alibaba that rates brands on Alibaba using diamonds. Supplier Index ratings can vary from 0 to 5 diamonds, with 0 being the lowest rating and 5 being the highest. 

Supplier Index rating factors in the quality of presentation, products, transactions, and service to provide a rating for brands. So the higher the better. Make sure to check if the brand you are working with has a high supplier index rating. 

Response Time and Rate - Response Time and Response Rate determine how fast a company responds to customers. Response time is the average time it takes for the brand to respond to a customer so the lower the better. And Response Rate is the percentage of customers the brand responds to over a fixed period, so the higher the better.

Is it good to import laptops from China?

Yes, it is because China is a manufacturing giant and they produce laptops and other electronic goods even for premium western brands like Apple, Microsoft, and more. Chinese OEM laptops are aimed to offer good value without compromising on quality.  

So yes it is safe and good to import laptops from China. But you need to make sure you find good reputed manufacturers and suppliers. The above list has some of the best if you want a head start. 

How to find Laptop Manufacturers in China that are good for my Market/Region?

Interested in a certain laptop manufacturer but don’t know if they will be good for your market/region, don’t worry. On Alibaba, you can check the brands profile you are interested in working with and check what markets they primarily deal in. This way you’ll know if the brand works in your region.

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