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Where to buy Cheap Xiaomi Earbuds

by Tim Blue on Jul 14, 2024

Where to buy Cheap Xiaomi Earbuds

Wireless headphones is what ultimate freedom looks like. The cordless earbuds allow us to do the daily chores and indulge in those intense workout sessions while listening to our favorite tunes. In fact, we can attend the zoom meetings and other important phone calls without worrying about the earbuds falling off by some accidental touch of our clothes or hands.

When it comes to superior quality affordable earbuds, the products developed by Xiaomi have a dominating presence in the market. For the past few years, the company has consistently evolved and upgraded their wireless earphones to offer similar technology used in Apple’s Airpods. In this article we will discuss the top Xiaomi earbuds and their features.

Top Xiaomi Earbuds

Top Xiaomi Earbuds 2022 Link
Xiaomi AirDots 3 Link
Xiaomi Redmi Buds 3 Pro Link
Xiaomi AirDots Pro 2 Link
Xiaomi Air 2s Link
Redmi AirDots Link
Xiaomi Redmi AirDots 2 Link

Xiaomi AirDots 3

Redmi earbuds

Released back in 2021, the AirDots 3 is perhaps one of the best TWS earbuds Xiaomi has released till date and not only does it look and feel like the AirDots 2, there are a couple of significant changes I noticed with the newer model that truly enhanced my listening experience.

One thing I loved about the AirDots 3 is that it has a larger and much more efficient battery than the AirDots 2 and with the new 600mAh capacity, I was able to use the earbuds for up to 7 hours on a single charge.

The earbuds are slightly longer and thicker too, this proved beneficial to me because unlike the 2, the new AirDots 3 sits snug in my ears and they don’t fall out often with even the slightest movement.

In terms of the functionality, the controls receive an upgrade from their predecessor and the AirDots 3 has touch sensors that are situated under the faceplate of both the left and right earbuds. These sensors were quite sensitive and the response was rather instantaneous. I could control the music playback and answer/disconnect calls simply by tapping the sensor.

Another brilliant feature of the AirDots 3 which made me consider buying it, is that it’s powered by Bluetooth 5.2 and this improves the range of connection as well as minimizes any disturbances while traveling in areas with multiple wireless signals. From what I tested, there was no drop in the signal and there was clear, uninterrupted playback regardless of where I was.

Quite like the Air 2 SE we’ve covered below, the AirDots 3 delivers impressive sound quality with each tone sounding natural and detailed. 

However, I did hit some snags and noticed that the AirDots 3 is not designed to take on different genres of music and did well mostly with pop, instrumental and orchestra, but performed poorly while listening to rock or metal at high volumes.

Xiaomi earphones

Xiaomi Redmi Buds 3 Pro

Xiaomi earphones and earbuds

Looking at the price tag and what’s under the hood, the Redmi Buds 3 Pro is what I consider to be fantastic value for money. It was released late 2021 and has so many incredible features that at first we thought it was going to be priced over the stars.

The Redmi Buds 3 Pro takes things up a notch and uses 9mm dual dynamic drivers along with Qualcomm’s aptX codec to deliver low-latency sound regardless of what we were using the Buds 3 Pro for. 

With a built-in rechargeable battery, the Buds 3 Pro can last up to 7 hours on a single charge and thanks to the charging case that comes with the earbuds, we could get up to 28 hours worth of playback making it the perfect companion for road trips, handling calls, listening to music and even watching movies throughout the day.

Xiaomi earbuds

A point i’d like to make is, the Buds 3 Pro can charge fast and by this I mean that 10 minutes of charge in its case is more than enough to get another 3 hours of playback. The case supports USB-C, so the charging speeds are a atd faster than others that use microUSB cables.

In terms of build quality, the Buds 3 Pro carries an IPX4 rating which protects the earbuds from water damage, but is not entirely waterproof. It also comes with other built-in features that can enhance the user’s experience such as ANC and dual connectivity.

The only drawback I felt was that Xiaomi could have done a bit more in terms of the sound quality as serious audiophiles would prefer to go with another pair of TWS earbuds as the AirDots 3 lacks studio-grade clarity.

Xiaomi Airdots Pro 2 (Air 2)

In September, 2019, Xiaomi launched the closest replica of the Apple Airpods for the Android users. This product was an upgrade on the previously launched Airpods 2 and offered high quality audio at surprisingly affordable prices.  

These earbuds were developed following the stem design and offered up to 14 hours of playback time. The device also features a 14.2mm dynamic driver unit that cancels the surrounding noise to provide an uninterrupted experience. Moreover, the earbuds can be fully charged within just an hour and it lasts for nearly 4 hours. It can be automatically paired with any devices and that is what makes it the best alternative of the Apple Airpods 2.

The Mi Airdots Pro 2 case is made of ABS plastic that makes it weightless and easier to carry around. The matt finishing on the other hand makes the case less vulnerable to scratches. Magnetic pins hold the earbuds safely inside the case and prevent it from falling off even if the entire case is turned upside down. Also, the earbuds are water and sweat proof and therefore, can be used during work out sessions.

Xiaomi earbuds airdots

Xiaomi Air 2s (Airdots Pro 2s)

Just like its predecessor (Airdots Pro 2), the design of Xiaomi air 2s or Airdots Pro 2s was deeply inspired by that of Apple AirPods 2. These earbuds come with an entirely white body and semi in-ear design for the convenience of the users. While the Airdots Pro 2 lacked a long battery life, the Air 2s has a prolonged battery life of almost 24 hours.

The audio quality is amazing, despite that fact that there is no noise cancelling feature in this device. But has little effect on the quality of the calls. And just like the AirPods Pro, the Air 2s earbuds come in a case with an LED indicator that shows us the status of the battery. It also features Bluetooth 5.0 that ensures fast and stable connections with the smartphones. The battery can be fully charged within an hour and it provides almost 5 hours of play time. Another important specification of this product is that it includes a 14.2mm composite diaphragm that offers a bass rich sound experience.

Xiaomi air 2s airdots pro 2s

Xiaomi Mi Air 2 SE

Xiaomi Mi Aie 2 SE is another reliable yet budget friendly TWS earbud that offers similar experience as of the Airpods. The audio quality is undoubtedly stunning and has the environmental noise cancellation feature. This helps the users to enjoy music or attend important phone calls without any interruptions.

What is even more amazing is the fact that it has a truly long lasting battery life that provides a whopping 20 hours of playback time. The white matte finishing of the earbuds and the case protects it from scratches. The main microphone is fitted in the bottom of the earbud while the front consists of a touch control panel and an LED indicator. The case features magnetic pins to hold the earbuds securely.

The earbuds fit comfortably in the ear canal and the users can keep it on for almost a day without feeling stiffness. Coming to the connectivity, Xiaomi Mi Air 2 SE has Bluetooth 5.0 wireless technology that enables the earbuds to be paired with any android devices.  The only setbacks of this product is that the pop up animation works for certain smartphones only and it has no LHDC codec.

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Xiaomi Mi Air 2SE

Haylou GT1 Pro

Although Haylou GT1 has the similar design as that of the original Haylou GT1, this is an uber-cool upgrade of the previous version. Its specifications include an astonishing battery life, noise cancellation features, voice assistant (wakes up at double touch) and Bluetooth 5.0 wireless technology that ensures fast speed transmission, stable connectivity and low power consumption.

The batteries last up to 26 hours, enabling users to enjoy an uninterrupted music streaming experience. The earbuds also have an ergonomic and lightweight design that makes it easier to carry around. The black case has a pill like shape and comes with an LED indicator that shows how much charge the battery has.

The most interesting feature of these earbuds is that they are water and sweat proof and hence is perfect for intense workout sessions. Moreover, it has a 7.2mm built-in driver that offers punchy bass, soft and clear mids and highs. The advanced stereo on the other hand makes the calls sound like the person on the phone is standing right next to you.

Haylou GT1 Pro

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Haylou GT2

Featuring a compact ergonomic design, the Haylou G2 wireless earbuds are perfect for those who travel frequently. These earbuds have a simple black tinted body with silicone tips that sits inside the ears to make the experience comfortable. There is a multifunctional button on the earphones as well that controls almost all the functions except the volumes.

The water proof quality of the earbuds and ensures the IPX5 rating. The charging box features an in-built USB cable. The battery lasts for nearly 4 hours and the earphones have Bluetooth version 5.0 for seamless connectivity. The package also consists of two extra pairs of ear pads and instructions. The earbuds have a beautiful matte finish that provides it a very elegant look.

Haylou GT2

Redmi Airdots

Now when it comes to budget models with uncompromised quality, Redmi Airdots are unparalleled. It offers incredible sound quality along with noise cancellation technology. These earbuds are quite popular among the customers and happen to be the most sold Xiaomi earbuds ever. Its ergonomic and minimal design makes it easily portable and convenient for the users.

Redmi Airdots also features a multi-functional button that controls some of the functions. The voice assistant on the other hand controls almost everything. The greatest thing about this product is that you have to manually connect it to your smartphone device only for the first time and the earbuds will be ready to go for the subsequent uses. The IPX4 rating ensures protection from water and dust.

These earphones have Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity and an average battery life that provides up to 4 hours of playback time.

Redmi Airdots

Xiaomi Redmi Airdots 2

Similar to its predecessor, this device too is extremely lightweight and provides decent quality audio at budget-friendly prices. The battery of the Redmi Airdot 2 takes around 2 hours to get fully charged and lasts for almost 12 hours with the charging case.

The intelligent DSP digital noise cancellation technology and 7.2mm drivers ensure uninterrupted music streaming experience. Each of the earbuds weigh up to 4.1 grams, hence making it a lightweight and easily portable device. The Bluetooth v5.0 version provides fast speed transmission and stable connectivity.

Redmi Airdots 2

Redmi Earbuds S

Redmi Earbuds S is one of the company’s latest creations. These affordable true wireless headphones provide the customers top-notch audio quality without burning a hole in their pockets. It has a very lightweight design and the earphones fit comfortably to the ears. The IPX4 rating ensures that the earbuds are water and sweat proof.  

The side-mounted multi-functional buttons help the users to connect the earbuds with their smartphone devices. The left and right earbuds can be used separately if required. Customers can choose from three ear tips sizes as well – small, medium and large. The charging case takes around 2 hours to get fully charged. The battery lasts up to 4 hours without the case and 12 hours with it. The 7.2mm dynamic drivers offer punchy sounds and an incredible bass quality.

Xiaomi Earbuds S

These are the best earbuds that Xiaomi has to offer right now. All of these products have their fair share of advantages as well as disadvantages, but considered their prices, they are undoubtedly the best deals one can ask for. The feature minimalistic designs and yet ensures safety from scratches, dust or water.

Their lightweight ergonomic designs make them convenient for those who are always travelling and lead a busy life. The magnetic pins on the cases on the other hand protects the buds from accidental falls. And since most of these products come with Bluetooth 5.0 technology, you don’t have to worry about unstable connectivity anymore. To put it in a nutshell, the Xiaomi earbuds help you to enjoy the qualities of Apple AirPods at half the price and what can be better than that?

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