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50 Things on Aliexpress Under $5 | Cheapest Aliexpress Items!

by Tim Bule on Jul 14, 2024

Things on Aliexpress Under $5

Most of us are looking for a value in whatever purchases we make. If we can get a good deal on our product, we’ll jump on it. The biggest e-commerce platform in the world that offers the best deals of products is Aliexpress.

There are products on Aliexpress under $5 that are really good. So today we cover the cheapest Aliexpress items that are worth it!

The cheapest things on Aliexpress that you want to avoid are electronics, but apart from that most other cheap aliexpress items are good!

In this article, we cover the cheapest things from Aliexpress. Everything on this list, is under $5! Here are quick links.

Cheapest Things on Aliexpress Under $5

Cheapest Electronics on Aliexpress

Wireless Charging Pad

Check it out here

Check it out here

iPhone Case

Phone cases are not just about protecting phones anymore. They are a form of expression, they are an identity and every once in a while, we’d like to get a case that reflects our moods, styles, passions, interests and more. But spending $10 on a phone case every few months is not a viable option. This is why we have scouted for the best phone cases available on Aliexpress for under $5. It’s a great deal with fabulous designs.

Choose from different materials, styles, designs. You aren’t restricted to only 3 designs, there are over 100+ designs you can choose from!

Gift yourself and all your loved ones phone cases that are easy on the pocket and look great.

Don’t get the plain and boring cases. Get these $1 cases that look good, are sturdy and give your phone some sass!

iphone cases aliexpress

Best Price - $1.24

Hydrogen Film Phone Protector for iPhone & Android Phones

Check it out here

Fast Charging Cable

IWO 12 Apple Watch Lookalike

I’m your average bloke. Unlike a lot of guys, I don’t like spending money on watches. Some of my friends spend $200+ on the Fossil’ and Gucci’ of the world. For me, the watch does two things - Tell you the time and looks good!

I’ve received a lot of compliments for watches that I’ve purchased from Aliexpress, that have cost lesser than $10.

Now I’m doing one better for you guys! The watches listed below are as cheap as $5 and look fantastic.

Leather watches have been in vogue for a long time and will be in vogue for quite some time. Get leather watches that are stylish, beautiful and for as cheap as $3!

Best Price - $1.47

Love to wear a new style of watch, every time you go out? Get the best $5 watch collections from Aliexpress.

cheap ladies watches

Best Price - $3.09

Tomkas Wired Earphones

Earphones are a constant source of entertainment and annoyance for a lot of people. They entertain us with music, but they also get lost often and you need to wait for your earphones from an online store. And spending a bomb on earphones can be detrimental as you can lose them easily.

After losing quite a few myself, I decided, I’ll buy a few earphones and keep one in each location that I constantly visit. That is, my home and my office. I’ve kept one in my mum’s house as well. Also I use one for travel.

All these 4 earphones just cost me $20 as I went bargain hunting! If you want to do the same, here are a few options!

aliexpress earphones

Best Price - $1.39

If you like your earphones without any extra fluff and something that looks neat and beautiful. Choose the minimalist earphones.

cheap earphones aliexpress under $5

Best Price - $1.91

Women's Tote Bag

Women love their bags and they love to buy bags regularly. Some buy bags every 6 months, some do it every quarter, some buy them every month. If you belong to the last category, then this post is going to make you happy!

We’ve selected a bunch of bags that are under $5. This is your everyday bag wear. Here are a few options.

Get this cute unicorn tote bag that is perfect for everyday use!

cheap bags for women under $4 aliexpress

Best Price - $5

purse aliexpress

Best Price - $3.99

If you just want an everyday casual bag, then consider this casual tote handbag. Perfect for work or for a fun day outside.

women bags aliexpress under $5

Best Price - $3.38

Anti Theft Backpack

People think only women are obsessed about accessories and bags, men are the same! Men love their bags, men love their gadgets. In this collection I’ve handpicked the best men’s bags that not only are bags, but also they are anti-theft and many other features.

Wanted a simple bag to carry to college? This shoulder sling bag is perfect for carrying small objects and books.

sling bags cheap

Best Price - $4.80

Who said Anti-theft bags have to be expensive? Get awesome anti-theft bags for super cheap in the link below!

anti theft backpack

Best Price - $4.73

Have you wanted a petite travel backpack, where you could keep your keys, wallet and other things without it being too bulky? This lightweight nylon, the foldable bag is the perfect $5 travel companion you need!

mens backpack aliexpress under $5

Best Price - $3

Funky Keychains

I love keychains. They might seem useless, but they are super useful. Why? If you get keychains that are too small, you will LOSE your keys. This has happened too many times and I am always careful.These days I get big keychains that I can’t miss.

Keychains are another form of expression and style. There are many different types of key chains depending on what you want. Stylish, beautiful, funny and more.

This designer keychain can keep your keys intact while looking great!

designer keychains

Best Price - $0.74

Get a cute alloy keychain that won’t break easy and makes a perfect gift for under $5.

Best Price - $3.99

This is the cutest baby keychain one can encounter. If you like cute things, this is the keychain for you.

baby keychains

Best Price - $0.59

In the mood for Avengers? Get this special superhero keychain!

superhero keychains

Best Price - $0.27

Tshirt for Women

Ah clothes! Who doesn’t love new clothes? Everybody loves them. But the problem is many, people overspend on T-shirts. They spend $15 or more and keep these tees for a few months, before they get greyed out. That’s a wrong budget move!

T-shirts are meant to be worn for a maximum of 3 to 4 months and you shouldn’t be spending too much on them!

These $5 t-shirts will make you a shopaholic!

Get this beautiful and simple t-shirt with cute eyelashes. Perfect for girls to wear to the gym or casually at home!

cheap tees

Best Price - $2.20

Show your sass to the world with this don’t touch me t-shirt!

tees aliexpress under $5

Best Price - $3.05

If you are a cat lover, you will love this tee. If you love cute things, you’ll love this tee. At $4.98 for this tee, it’s a steal!

women tees aliexpress

Best Price - $4.98

Tshirt for Men

Men wear t-shirts for every occasion. If it’s to a movie or the night club, or to the office, or for a walk or to the gym or to play a sport. You can’t bet that a guy wears a t-shirt for more than one occassion. For a man, he needs many t-shirts in his closet that can help him sleep in peace. But a man doesn’t have to overspend on tees. Cheap chinese Tees under $5 are the way to go if you love to keep changing your warddrobe?

Surprisingly, the Chinese tees under $5 are of really good quality. They are quite similar to the H&M quality.

These $5 tees will give you a new wardrobe every few months. You want to buy ten? It sets you back only $50. $50 for ten t-shirts are a huge bargain.

Get this simple t-shirt that can be your everyday wear!

cheap mens tee

Best Price - $2.86

Love Nike? But want the cheaper one? Get the Nike replica tee today.

mens shorts aliexpress under $5

Best Price - $6.79


Toys aren’t the domain of kids anymore. Adults LOVE toys as well. With shows like Game of Thrones and movies like Avengers, toys are getting much more common. Getting a cool toy doesn’t have to burn a hole in your wallet. Here’s a collection of toys that can be bought by kids or children.

Frozen was a very popular movie among kids. It’s been a few years since the movie came out, but nobody will forget the character Elsa. This Elsa doll will keep your kids happy! The cheap toys under $5 on Aliexpress are perfect for babies and toddlers. But don't expect perfection!

kids toys aliexpress

Best Price - $0.67

Kid’s love to paint their nails, do one better with nail stickers with disney’s most popular characters.

nail art aliexpress

Best price - $1.23

Last in the list is something kids and adults would love. A flamingo plush toy that can be used as a pillow or a play companion for your little one!

plush toys aliexpress

Best Price - $4.99

Stationery Items

Stationery items on Aliexpress are hugely popular because of their super cheap price and their amazing quality. I could name a 100 stationery items that you can purchase under $5. Some of the most popular items are pen sets (You can get 50 pens for $3), pen knives, washi tape, stickers, pencil case, erasers, pencils, carving knife and more.

If you want DIY goodies, Aliexpress has perfect under $5 items. These pens also come under $1 and if you are looking for under $1 cheap items on Aliexpress, then the stationery section is where you need to be.

Best Price - $4


footwear under $5 on aliexpress

On Aliexpress, you can get footwear for as cheap as $5, that might be sneakers or flip-flops/slippers. The quality is not going to be the best, but it's quite decent as home wear or occasional wear. I wouldn't trust it for intense use like running. But it's perfect if you want something for home to do your daily chores in.

I was quite surprised to find the different styles of shoes and sneakers that are available for $5. So this is definitely something you can get for under $5.

Best Price - $5

LED Strip Lights

LED strip lights are the ultimate cheap decor item that everybody needs for their house. You can use LED strip lights to add some ambience to your house and to make it look cool. This particular Bluetooth LED light costs around $5 and it can be controlled with the help of an app.

It can last for 50,000 hours and has a length of 5 metres. It's perfect for staircases, bars, sidewalks, ceilings and more. It can display more than 65 million colours.

Best Price - $3.50

Airpod Clones

I've been reviewing Apple's Airpod clones for many years now and the prices are dropping like crazy! When I used to review the Airpod first generation clones, they used to cost around $60 and the same ones cost around $5 to $15. So if you are looking for cheap Airpod look alikes, then you'll find it on Aliexpress. They are the cheapest earbuds on Aliexpress.

Here's a video I shot of the Airpod clones and if they are worth it or not! So what do I look about the Airpod clones?

For the price, you can easily pick up 5 or 6 of them. I won't be bothered even if I lose a few. The sound is great, the bass is bad.

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