Umidigi Smartwatch Review | Uwatch 5, Uwatch GT, Ufit Reviewed!

by Tim Blue on Sep 18, 2022

Umidigi Smartwatch Review

If you shop on Aliexpress or Dhgate or any Chinese websites, you might have come across the Umidigi brand. The Umidigi’s Uwatch was one of my first smartwatches that I purchased on Aliexpress and I loved it. 

It was super cheap, it could track my steps, it looked very stylish, I received notifications and it was everything a good smartwatch can do at the price of a few dollars. The watch costed me about $20 a few years back and it was still great.

The first introduction to Umidigi smartwatches got me very interested in what Umidigi was capable of. And over the years, Umidigi has stepped up their game and made some amazing smartwatches, which I’ll cover below. 

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Umidigi Uwatch 5

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Umidigi Uwatch 3S

Umidigi Urun S

Are Umidigi Smartwatches Good?

Umidigi is by no means the only Chinese Smartwatch, there are numerous brands, but they are the most popular of them all.

Features Umidigi Uwatch 3 Umidigi Ufit Umidigi Uwatch GT
Display  1.3-inch colorful touch screen, Square 1.3-inch colorful touch screen, Square  1.3-inch colorful touch screen, Circular
Custom Watch Faces Yes Yes Yes
Sports Tracking 9 Sports Modes 9 Sports Modes 12 Sports Modes
Waterproof Yes, 50 Metres Yes, 50 Metres Yes, 50 Metres
Battery Life 10 Days 10 Days 10 Days
Heart Rate Monitor Yes Yes Yes
Blood Oxygen Monitor No Yes No
Other Features Alarm, Sedentary Reminder, Remote Music Control Alarm, Sedentary Reminder, Remote Music Control Alarm, Sedentary Reminder, Remote Music Control
Price $29 $46 $49 

Umidigi Uwatch 2S 

The latest addition to the Umidigi smartwatch series is the upgrade on the Uwatch 2. This one is called the Uwatch 2S. 

The Uwatch 2S isn’t released yet and we will do a review when its live!

Umidigi Uwatch 3 Review

umidigi uwatch 3 review

The most popular Umidigi watch currently is the Umidigi Uwatch 3. It is drastically different from its predecessor, the Uwatch 2 which had a round dial. 

The Uwatch 3 is drastically different with its square shaped design and it competes directly with the likes of the Amazfit Bip, Bip Lite and also helps it's lookalike of the Apple Watch. 

Uwatch 3 Specifications Uwatch 3 Features
Screen and Display 1.3-inch colorful touch screen
Waterproof Yes, 5ATM
Battery Life 210 mAh, 10 days of continuous use
Sports modes and Tracking 9 Sports Modes and Activity Tracking
Calls and Notification Reminders Yes
Other features Remote Music Control

Umidigi Uwatch 3 Design 

The design of the Umidigi Uwatch 3 is standard when it comes to smartwatches. It’s similar to the way the Bip series from Amazfit and the way the Apple Watch looks. It’s a big change compared to the Uwatch 2 which was more of a traditional looking watch. 

It comes in some beautiful colour options (straps) such as Marina Blue, Cinnabar Red, Rose Gold and Onyx Black. The design is not only about the way it looks, but also how it functions. It’s pretty airtight because it’s dustproof and waterproof as well. 

It weighs about 38 grams which is super light. The heaviest Apple watch weighs about 52 grams. It has a thin body which is about 11.6mm, it’s pretty thin. 

The back of the Uwatch 3 has the sensor that helps with tracking the heart rate, which we’ll get to later.  

The Uwatch 3’ looks are nothing to write about. It’s the standard look. 

Umidigi Uwatch 3  Display 

One of the reasons why Umidigi has gone with the square screen and not the round screen is because the square can fit in more information. 

The display itself is a 1.3-inch TFT colour touch screen. It has a 240px X 240px resolution and a 261PPI pixel density. 

When you look at these specifications, you can make out that it’s a budget device, but for a budget device it’s pretty good. The colours are sharp and rich and it truly looks premium and doesn’t look bad at all.

It does not have the Always On display, but that’s a boon because in most cases that’s a battery suck and also not a requirement for smartwatches that turn on when the wrist is lifted.

The watch faces can be customized and changed to your requirement. There is an existing collection of watch faces that are available. 

The Uwatch 3’ display can be compared to the Amazfit Bip series and it definitely holds its ground. 

Umidigi Uwatch 3 Features

The Uwatch 3 packs quite a few features. Let’s list them down! 

Umidigi Uwatch 3 is Waterproof 

waterproof uwatch3

What makes a watch a true sports watch is the waterproof capabilities. The Uwatch 3 is 5ATM waterproof, which is 50 metres underwater. According to Umidigi, it’s good for swimming, splashes, rain or snorkeling.

It’s not good for scuba diving, hot water baths or high speed watersports. But still it’s pretty decent for a budget watch. 

Umidigi Uwatch 3’ tracking features

The Uwatch 3 has nine sport modes that includes walking, running, spin cycling, yoga, hiking, climbing, treadmill, bicycle and normal workouts. 

Calls and App Notifications 

The Uwatch 3 also has notifications coming to the watch. Notifications from calls and Whatsapp and other apps come directly to the watch and pretty seamlessly in our tests. 

Other Features

Other features include sedentary reminder, music control, alarms, stopwatch and more. 

Heart Rate Monitor

The Uwatch 3 comes with an advanced HX3600 heart rate monitor. It gives continuous heart rate readings for 24 hours without any problems. Based on our tests, the results were pretty accurate. 

Umidigi Uwatch 3 Battery Life 

The most important aspect of a smartwatch is its battery life and the Uwatch 3 has a battery life of 45 days if you just use the watch without the other functions. 

It has a 10 day battery life if you use all the features like notifications, heart rate tracking, activity tracking and more. This is still one of the best in-class when it comes to battery life. 

Umidigi Ufit Review

umidigi ufit

The Umidigi Ufit is a watch dedicated to giving access to a blood oxygen monitor to everybody at a cheaper rate. 

Umidigi Ufit Specifications Ufit Features
Screen and Display 1.3-inch colorful touch screen
Waterproof Yes, 5ATM
Battery Life 210 mAh, 10 days of continuous use
Sports modes and Tracking 9 Sports Modes and Activity Tracking
Calls and Notification Reminders Yes
Other features Remote Music Control

Looking at the specifications of the Ufit, it is the exact same as the Uwatch 3. The only difference is the Blood Oxygen tracker. 

Umidigi UFit Design 

The design of the Ufit uses an aerospace grade 316L stainless steel and has a square shaped design that is similar to the Uwatch 3 and the other smartwatch options out there.

Umidigi UFit Display 

The Display of the Ufit is a 1.3-inch square colour display that is a standard. It has customizable watch faces and has a 261 PPI density. 

umidigi ufit display

It’s a pretty decent display for a budget device. 

Umidigi UFit Features 

Blood Oxygen Monitor 

The biggest highlight of this watch is the Blood Oxygen monitor. This is such an important monitor because it tells you the level of oxygen that is there in your blood. The complications of low blood oxygen levels are drastic. 

Common ailments like Sleep Apnea, Virus Infections and Lung Diseases can be controlled with this monitor. This makes the Ufit a supremely important device for people who have to track this number on the regular. 

Heart Rate Monitor 

Apart from the Blood Oxygen tracker, the Ufit also has a heart rate monitor which is a pretty important tracker for people with heart ailments. It has a dedicated sensor for the Blood Oxygen monitor and the Heart Rate monitor. 

This can work for 24 hours and for a budget device, it’s very useful to have these features. 


It’s waterproof and can be worn underwater for up to 5 metres. Although it doesn’t track swimming as an exercise, one can use the Ufit to track the timing of laps and time your swimming sessions. Pretty useful!

Sports Modes 

ufit fitness tracking

It’s got 9 sports modes that includes the usual walking, cycling and even Yoga. I’m interested to know how the Ufit watch can track the yoga exercises. 

Other Features 

It has app and call notifications and reminders, it has alarm clocks, guided breathing exercises that are built in, sedentary reminders, find your phone feature and health tracking for the ladies. 

UFit Battery Life

The Ufit watch has a battery life of 45 days if you only use it as a watch and if you use it as a smartwatch, it gives you 10 days which is 3 days more than your average watch. The Amazfit Bip Lite used to last me around 4 to 5 days and this trumps that. 

If I have to charge my smartwatch just 3 times a month, then it’s a pretty good deal. 

Umidigi Uwatch GT

umidigi uwatch GT

The Umidigi Uwatch GT is another sub $50 smartwatch that packs a lot of features and is a pretty incredible watch. It’s little different from the Uwatch 3 and the Ufit in terms of design, but packs similar features.

Umidigi Uwatch GT Specifications Uwatch GT Features
Screen and Display 1.3-inch colorful touch screen, circular design
Waterproof Yes, 5ATM
Battery Life 260 mAh, 10 days of continuous use
Sports modes and Tracking 12 Sports Modes and Activity Tracking
Calls and Notification Reminders Yes
Other features Remote Music Control, Sedentary Reminder, Alarms, Stopwatch

Umidigi Uwatch GT Design 

The Uwatch GT is a competition to the Amazfit GTR and the design is reflected in that. At the outset, the watch looks beautiful. The dial is big and has clear details. It is a 47mm metal watch face that brings about the premium look. 

The design is completed by the Decathlon’s TPU strap that looks sturdy and gives it that sporty look. 

This is a very good looking watch and one of the best Umidigi has come up with. 

Umidigi Uwatch GT Display 

The display is a 1.3-inch TFT LCD color touch screen with a round dial. It has multiple watch faces with some of the watch faces that look like traditional watches and that gives it a good look. The glass is strong and it looks premium

umidigi uwatch design

Umidigi Uwatch GT Features


Like the other sports watches, the Uwatch GT is waterproof for upto 50 metres which means its perfect for swimming. 

Heart Rate Monitor 

It has a heart rate monitor that is decently accurate, but cannot be a replacement for medical devices. 

Sports Tracking 

It has 12 sports modes that includes the usual exercises, running, cycling and more. 

Umidigi Uwatch GT Battery 

The 260 mAh battery gives it a 10 day battery life as a smartwatch which is pretty decent. 

It works with the latest Bluetooth 5.0 and it takes less than 2 hours to charge the entire device. 

Umidigi Uwatch 2 

Arguably the most popular Umdigi smartwatch of all time was the Uwatch 2. This smartwatch has been discontinued and has made way for the Uwatch 3. 

The Chinese are not only know for their smartphones, but also their IEMs and other devices.

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