Top Chinese Sourcing Agents Review | Leeline Sourcing vs Jingsourcing

by Jenny Xiao on Jun 18, 2023

Top Chinese Sourcing Agents Review

As a company or a business owner, We understand how imperative the role of a sourcing agent can be in locating sources for products and supplies at low prices so the company can save money on production. There are countless things you may need a sourcing agent for, all in all, they make the processes smooth and efficient. Selecting the standardized product quality, lower MOQs and inexpensive costs draws the concept of outsourcing or rather necessitates it.

  • Do you need a Chinese sourcing agent?
  • Is a Chinese sourcing agent worth it?
  • Who is the best Chinese sourcing agent?

We answer all these questions!

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Lelline Sourcing vs Jingsourcing

Leeline Sourcing and Jing Sourcing are two prominent sourcing companies that provide services to businesses looking to import products from China. While both companies aim to assist with sourcing and supply chain management, there are certain differences in their approaches and services. Here's a comparison review of Leeline Sourcing and Jing Sourcing, followed by recommendations based on specific requirements.

Company Overview:

Leeline Sourcing: Leeline Sourcing is a comprehensive sourcing company that offers a wide range of services, including product sourcing, supplier verification, quality control, logistics support, and more. They have a global presence and cater to clients from various industries.

Jing Sourcing: Jing Sourcing primarily focuses on product sourcing and supplier identification in China. They aim to provide a streamlined sourcing experience with personalized service and expertise in specific industries.

Services Offered:

Leeline Sourcing: Leeline Sourcing offers a comprehensive suite of services, including product sourcing, supplier verification and audits, quality control inspections, sample consolidation, packaging and labeling, shipping and logistics, and more. They provide end-to-end support throughout the sourcing process.

Jing Sourcing: Jing Sourcing specializes in product sourcing and supplier identification. They help businesses find suitable suppliers based on their specific requirements and connect them for further negotiations. While their primary focus is on sourcing, they also provide some additional services like sample inspections and quality control.

Supplier Network and Expertise:

Leeline Sourcing: Leeline Sourcing has a vast network of suppliers across China and other countries. They have expertise in various industries and can assist with sourcing products from different sectors. Their supplier verification process ensures that businesses work with reliable and trustworthy suppliers.

Jing Sourcing: Jing Sourcing has a narrower focus on supplier identification and sourcing in China. They may have a more specialized network of suppliers based on specific industries. Their expertise lies in connecting businesses with suitable suppliers that match their requirements.

Quality Control:

Leeline Sourcing: Leeline Sourcing emphasizes quality control and offers inspections and audits at different stages of the production process. They conduct pre-production inspections, in-line inspections, final random inspections, and pre-shipment inspections to ensure the products meet the required quality standards.

Jing Sourcing: Jing Sourcing also provides quality control services, including sample inspections and product testing. However, their focus may be more on supplier identification and verification rather than extensive quality control measures.

Pricing and Flexibility:

Leeline Sourcing: Leeline Sourcing offers flexible pricing options based on the specific requirements of each client. They provide customized quotes for their services, which can be beneficial for businesses with varying needs and budgets.

Jing Sourcing: Jing Sourcing may offer pricing packages tailored to different industries or specific sourcing requirements. However, the exact pricing details and flexibility may vary depending on the client's needs.

Which sourcing agent is better?

  1. Leeline Sourcing is recommended for businesses looking for comprehensive sourcing services, especially those requiring end-to-end support throughout the entire sourcing process. They can handle various aspects, including supplier verification, quality control, and logistics, making them suitable for businesses with complex sourcing needs.
  2. Jing Sourcing is recommended for businesses primarily focused on product sourcing and supplier identification, especially if they have specific industry requirements. Jing Sourcing's personalized service and expertise in certain industries can be advantageous for businesses seeking a more targeted approach.
  3. For businesses seeking extensive quality control measures and inspections, Leeline Sourcing is a preferable choice. They offer a comprehensive range of quality control services at different stages of production, ensuring the products meet the required standards.
  4. Pricing and flexibility can also be a deciding factor. If a business requires customized quotes and pricing options tailored to their specific needs, Leeline Sourcing may be the better option. However, it is recommended to reach out to both companies for detailed discussions and quotes to evaluate the best fit for your specific requirements.

Why a Chinese Sourcing Agent?

The professional Chinese sourcing Agents are trained to manage a multitude of responsibilities, including analysis, logistics, marketing, packaging, etc.

However, that is not where the agencies put an end to their services. The best Chinese agencies offer the best there is to offer. If there is a list that prioritizes their services, then the first thing in the list is that they truly understand the buyer requirements, which can be enormously diverse depending on where they come from.

 It is also equally vital for them to find a ranked and qualified supplier and establish a buyer-supplier connection. Within these is where the mix of quality check, data analysis, price negotiation and organizing the process come in. 

Development of China Sourcing Agents

Previously, the China Sourcing Agent 1.0, or the older version, worked almost the way Chinese Sourcing Agents work today, except for a crucial element, i.e., technology. The procedures and communication were simpler and less diversified, but as technology came to arise, it gave birth to a newer version.

The Chinese Sourcing Agents 2.0 are a community of sourcing agents with the latest equipment, unquestionable expertise and greater dedication to full-time service. Besides the typical sourcing services, there has been an expansion of other services in the agencies, making them appropriate for eCommerce business owners that work on a smaller scale.

China Purchasing Agent Review


supply via chinese sourcing agent

If you are inexperienced in selecting sourcing agents, there is no reason you should not go with SupplyVia. Out of the basket of sourcing agents that are deemed reliable, SupplyVia makes the top. The agency has been operating for 8 years with excellence and has received positive feedback. 

You have to pay a price when you source, and I am not talking about commission, but the amount of risk you have to bear. SupplyVia blows it all, it is one of the most trusted sources for importing products and you can get the best Chinese products. Along with illustrious ODM/OEM services, the packaging is sturdy and top-notch. It also takes care of labour hiring and deep product sourcing.



imex sourcing chinese sourcing agent

If you are looking for the most versatile sourcing firms that accommodate any kind of business and line up the most professional services, Imex is the one. Like any other well-known sourcing agency, Imex has a great range of services and has also streamlined the procedures most effectively.

Something remarkable and personal to Imex is that every consumer gets their online portal, making Imex probably the most consumer-friendly platform. Also, it has been more convenient for clients to manage their platform for orders and services. Imex is well known for its quality maintenance, logistics and audits. But their services do not end here, they also provide services like contractual negotiation, product investigation, etc.

3.5 / 5

Leeline Sourcing

leeline sourcing chinese sourcing agent

One of the oldest in its industry, Leeline Sourcing has had ten years of proficiency and expertise as a sourcing agent, with outstanding and incomparable services and dedication to clients. From transparency to quality inspection. Leeline Sourcing has experts who are on it with utter dedication. Along with that, Leeline cares about the clients’ finances, and hence the rates are minimal, according to the world-class service they provide. They even offer free services occasionally for consulting purchasing agents. 

Leeline Sourcing cares about its clients, which explains their remarkable customer support services. The sourcing agency is highly organized with a proper supply chain, how can the services rendered not be fruitful? 


80/20 Sourcing

80:20 sourcing chinese sourcing agent

Also one of the oldest in its niche, 80/20 Sourcing was initiated in 2008 and sourced services in China. It eventually extended its services to Europe and North America, making it one of the first firms to grow internationally and landed a huge and diverse clientele. 80/20 sourcing has the best shipping administration and it reduces risk to invest and hire sourcing agents from 80/2 sourcing since the agency has been in business for more than 12 years with first-hand expertise and reputation, one of the agencies you can certainly bank on.

80/20 Sourcing goes as far as to offer all the services a typical Chinese Sourcing Agent would provide you, but if you are particularly interested in shipping, price negotiation, logistics or freight forwarding, I don’t see a reason why 80/20 Sourcing should not be the first one you choose.


Dragon Sourcing

dragon sourcing chinese sourcing agent

Dragon Sourcing was established in 2004, a testimony that its services have eminence and acceptability. With its offices in not only Hong Kong and Shanghai, but the US and most of Europe, Dragon Sourcing is one of the largest Sourcing Firms that cater internationally. Dragon Sourcing also extended its reach through Asia after 10 years of its establishment and gathered clients from all over the world, with inexpensive alternatives for products in all specified countries. 

Dragon Sourcing takes care of Supplier and manufacturer authentication, sample development, administration and quality checks as well as distinct services such as product and procurement sourcing, sample development and logistics.


Jing Sourcing

jing sourcing chinese sourcing agent

Primarily suited for businesses under the domestic frontier, Jing Sourcing is a highly acclaimed Sourcing Agency that recruits professionals to help clients find their product sources. Jing Sourcing’s objective is to import goods for businesses in China at the finest rate, keeping in mind the product quality. Jing Sourcing offers services that mitigate importing risks and the best part is that these services are provided free of cost, while the other services incur a 5-10% commission.

The agents have competence in product negotiation and product rebranding for suppliers of relatively bigger eCommerce stores. Instead of publishing an investigation report, the agents carry out the communication directly with the manufacturers, hence transparency shoots through the roof. Jing concentrates on the upliftment of small businesses and faces more than 1000 manufacturers for competition in similar products.


Meeno Group

meeno group chinese sourcing agent

While some agencies operate extensively in a domestic circle and others to an international extent, Meeno specializes in operating at both the domestic as well as an international level. Undoubtedly professional, Meeno’s services are as good as any other trustworthy Sourcing agency and they also offer exclusive services.

Meeno Group sources agents for quality investigation, depot storage, connecting with the right suppliers and ensuring they are legitimate, enhancing a buyer-supplier fraternity and shipping administration. If you are looking for big agencies with great past projects and history, Meeno is the one you should choose. 



china2west chinese sourcing agent

As the name suggests, China2West is a well endorsed Chinese Sourcing Agent particularly for international services from China, mainly the USA and Europe. The company’s aim is to source networks and suppliers for international projects, with their cavernous knowledge about domestic products. The agency prospered a long time ago, with sizable client repositories in 2005. One thing that consumers love about China2West is its diversity and sprawling network in a plethora of products.

China2West’s services include auditing, management of products and networking, ensuring supplier eminence and quality inspection. One of the most proliferating Chinese Sourcing Agencies, China2West has been developing its services in the west and trying to keep up with modern standards of goods. Product testing, customer support and product certification are also why China2West is highly regarded. 


What makes a credible sourcing agent?

  1. Business Credentials(License)

This comes first without any doubt, you should only look for legitimate agents, in essence, the agencies that are licensed, and have a lawful right to set up and run their agency.  This becomes convenient when lodging complaints, litigation and accusations.  

  1. Transparency

To get in contact with a sourcing agency you find trustworthy, they must maintain transparency across buyers and suppliers as well as in their clientele. Legitimate reviews on online platforms with positives and negatives is a good sign.

  1. Experience

Choosing a sourcing agent is always like hiring an employee, you would want them to be experienced in what they specialize in. This includes a little research work on their history, their project management and previous hurdles.

  1. Records

As previously said, it is important to dig deep into their past projects. The agencies should be on anyone’s recommendation list. If they have been commended and lauded in the past, that proves their effectiveness concerning timely services, high quality and satisfactory negotiations. 

Cost of a Chinese Sourcing Agent

There are several factors that will determine the cost and commission of the Chinese Sourcing Agents, however, calculations show that it will be nowhere outside the boundaries of 4-10%, the better and more reliable the agent, the higher the commission. Apart from credibility, the type of product and reachability of the market also play a great role in determining commission. But negotiation is never off the table.

But finding an excellent sourcing agent for the same is like finding your favourite book from an unorganized library. Fret not! We have done that part of the homework for you and got you off the load. Here is a list of the major Chinese Sourcing agencies that you are good to go with. Let’s get started

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