I Bought The Tiktok Sunset Lamp and It's worth the hype!

by Dwain on Jul 14, 2024

Tiktok Sunset Lamp

When the sun has set, no candle can replace it.

George R.R. Martin

Yeah, that’s exactly what I thought too until I came across the infamous Tiktok sunset lamp. 

As a millennial who gets his kicks from indoor shoots and who loves low-light photography, the sunset lamp was by far one of my favorite finds on that God forsaken app.

It has greatly transformed the entire aesthetic of my photographs and I’ve used the sunset lamp a number of times to help add definition to some of my best clicks. 

Truth be told, it’s worth the buck, but it’s not meant for everyone and definitely not meant to be used during the day.

As my mentor once told me, there’s no time better than the Golden hour if you want to take some really detailed and aesthetically pleasing photographs. 

Is it a Good Idea to Invest in a Tiktok Sunset Lamp?

When I first came across the sunset lamp, all I kept wondering was what's the hype? Will it improve my photos, is the lamp affordable?, can I use it in different settings?

And from the moment I placed my order, until the time it got delivered, all I could think about was, "have I made the right choice?".

I mean, loads of people have bought the sunset lamp and I've come across some really good photographs online that were taken with a sunset lamp as the primary light source and that literally piqued my interest.

Upon receiving my order I was taken aback at how small the lamp is in real life and how simple it looks. Like you can literally make one at home using an old lamp, a curved lens and a low watt bulb. 

Anyway, let's talk about that on another day, and until then let me tell you about my experience using the sunset lamp.

What’s It Like Using the Tiktok Sunset lamp?

From the moment I took my first photograph with the lamp, I was in awe. It instantly gave my studio a rich golden hue that is generally quite difficult to achieve with natural lighting or any other type of lamp.

tiktok sunset lamp cost

I was hooked, it's definitely something that's going to boost my creativity and make every photograph look unique and that's exactly  where the lamp did not fail.

Now the problem about this lamp is that it's a sunset lamp and if I wanted to have the golden hour effect in my photos, I would have to use it only post 8PM when it's dark outside. 

I did use the sunset lamp indoors but the room had to be dimly lit with little to no natural light entering it in order to get the best looking photographs.

i tried the tiktok sunset lamp

Yeah, that's one thing they don't tell you on tiktok and I've come across loads of videos where these influencers guarantee that the lamp gives the same effect during the day, which is totally wrong and incorrect.

The lamp technically does work in the day, but because of the low wattage bulb and how bright a room can get from natural sunlight, the beam from the sunset lamp was overpowered in well lit rooms and ended up being super faint which did nothing for my photographs.

is the tiktok sunset lamp worth it

I tried using the lamp in different rooms around the house and noticed that the hall and bedrooms were so well lit that it seemed like the lamp was non-existent. But I was able to use it in the bathroom while chilling in the tub. Trust me, that’s one really awesome way to relax. 

But from the moment dusk set in, and the rooms started getting darker, the sunset lamp kicked in and created a cozy vibe which could not be achieved a couple of hours earlier.

how good is the tiktok sunset lamp

Sounds good right? Well I haven't even gotten to the best part yet. You've all heard about Himalayan salt lamps right? You know the ones that have numerous health benefits when they're turned on and can calm you down after a rough day?

Well, the sunset lamp has similar properties and will create a positive indoor vibe that instantly makes me feel like I'm at the beach and the sun is setting over the horizon.

It doubles as a night light too and I've used it on numerous occasions when I wanted to wind down early after a long day at work.

What Didn't I Like About the Sunset Lamp?

As someone who loves buying random stuff and considering that I've been duped a number of times in the past with substandard products, the sunset lamp honestly did not disappoint and I found only a handful of issues with the lamp.

While it did really well indoors, the lamp lacked the oomph factor on the outside and I also found the lamp to be far too bright to use while sleeping. It makes for a good mood setter, but lacks the ability to perform around the clock.

tiktok sunset lamp review

By now you must be thinking, what more could I possibly expect from the sunset lamp? After all it’s just that, a small and portable light source. 

Let me tell you that if manufacturers would have invested in a sunset lamp that you can change the brightness or color, then they would be sold out pretty much anywhere. The only reason why not many people are buying the sunset lamp is because they are not customizable and do not perform well during the day.

Is the Tiktok Sunset Lamp Worth It?

Did I like the sunset lamp? Yes, I most certainly did. But is it for everyone? Well that's something you'll have to figure out yourself and see whether it's worth your money. 

If your sole goal is to find a gorgeous light source indoors or if you want to take decent outdoor night photographs or indoor low light ones, then the Tiktok lamp is worth it.

tiktok sunset lamp pictures

But if you’re like most people that prefer to take photographs during the day, then the Tiktok sunset lamp is not meant for you and I would recommend holding off until something better comes along.

Benefits of Using the Tiktok Sunset Lamp

I’ve used the sunset lamp not only for everything I mentioned above, but also for its relaxing and calming effect. Everytime I turned on the light, I had this sudden rush over me that always led to a peaceful night's sleep. 

It gives off a positive vibe that I would normally feel laying on the beach at sunset. The sunset lamp is also my go to when I want to take a long soak in the tub. Boy oh boy, I feel ashamed to say this out loud, but i’ve actually passed out a couple of times in the tub, after a long day at work.

Apart from this, there’s nothing special about the light. It's worth the money and will turn any dark room into your own little paradise.


Well there you have it, my experience using the Tiktok sunset lamp and I do hope that you will be able to enjoy the lamp just the way I have. 

It's available on Amazon and doesn’t cost a bomb, so feel free to improve the lighting aesthetic of your room or study with it. It’s worth the buy!

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