13 TikTok Approved Products I Found on Amazon That are Truly Worth the Money

by Dwain on Jul 14, 2024

TikTok Approved Products

f you've ever delved deep into the captivating world of TikTok, you've likely stumbled upon a treasure trove of ingenious cleaning hacks, trendy Shein finds, and more.

But let's be real—the real MVPs of TikTok content are the Amazon-approved products that dominate our feeds. From quirky gadgets to stylish home decor, there's something for everyone, and all for under $100!

I've scoured through countless videos to uncover the coolest finds that won't break the bank. Think moon desk lamps, laser keyboards, and even smart notebooks—all just a click away on Amazon.

And guess what? The hype around these products is so real that Amazon itself has dedicated a special subpage called #FoundItOnAmazon, making it easier than ever to score these must-haves.

So, if you're ready to elevate your shopping experience and discover some seriously budget-friendly gems, join me as I unveil a curated selection of TikTok-approved products available on Amazon.

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TikTok Approved Products I Found on Amazon for Under $100

Shaving Powder to Replace Razors

The first product I fancied was this shaving powder that can replace traditional razors. It’s called the Magic shaving powder and I came across this remarkable item in one of @alyssamariegray’s videos on Tiktok.

TikTok Approved Products I Found on Amazon

In just a couple of minutes this shaving powder was able to get rid of body hair without using a razor or blade. It’s definitely one of my favorite Amazon finds and I was ecstatic with how easy it is to use and how safe it is to use on sensitive skin.

Rating: 4.0/5

Reviews: 20k

Use all your Makeup with the Spatty Tool

Another pretty neat product was this Spatty makeup tool that can literally scoop out any remaining makeup that’s stuck at the bottom of the container or bottle. @mainstmuse shows us how the spatula can extract up to 25% more makeup in no time allowing us to get our money’s worth with every purchase.

TikTok Approved Products I Found on Amazon

I personally loved the silicone spatula tip because not only does it work with makeup and beauty products, but the same spatula can be used to scoop out condiments or craft items like glue from the bottom of a container.

Rating: 4.5/5

Reviews: 1.4k

Multi-Surface Laser Keyboard

Using Tiktok has made me blow money on things I may not need, but the second I came across this rad laser keyboard, I simply knew that I had to have one. As shown by @teresalauracaruso, this tiny gadget can project a laser keyboard on any surface and she then uses it to type messages on her smartphone and tablet.

TikTok Approved Products I Found on Amazon

The device uses Bluetooth to pair with the smartphone and can project a large keyboard that actually works. Though this laser keyboard is not a practical tool to use on a daily basis, it does get the job done while traveling and the one thing that really got me hooked was the digitally recreated key taps that make it seem like an actual physical keyboard.

Rating: 4.0/5

Reviews: 500+ 

Pet Hair Remover Tool

If you have pets at home like I do then this handy device will prove useful. Dubbed the ChomChom roller, I found it to be one of the most effective tools to get rid of pet fur that is strewn all over the place. 

TikTok Approved Products I Found on Amazon

Tiktoker @sassyskye_ shows us how easy it is to use and all it takes is a little effort to roll the device over a carpet, blanket or a couch and have all your pet’s hair collected in no time. I’ve used this a number of times and I must say that it’s truly a godsend and the best part is that it doesn’t cost much.

Rating: 4.6/5

Reviews: 117k

Hand Powered Vegetable Chopper

Thanks to @kelseyvenkov, i’m now able to slice and dice vegetables and dry fruits in record time. The hand powered vegetable chopper that she uses is a compact plastic bowl with a removable blade and a pulley handle on the lid. 

TikTok Approved Products I Found on Amazon

In the video she throws in a couple of onions and locks the lid before tugging away at the cord. The end result is magnificent to say the least and the best part about it is that there’s no mess on the countertop.

Rating: 4.2/5

Reviews: 5.7k

Handheld Portable Soap Sheets

Have you ever gone to a motel and found that there’s no soap in the bathroom? That was my predicament last month when I visited the Royal Inn motel. To my luck, I came across these portable soap sheets on Amazon for under $10. 

TikTok Approved Products I Found on Amazon

I now have a portable mouse-shaped box that has an impressive 50 sheets of soap that can be carried anywhere, all thanks to’s Tiktok video. Each sheet is good for a single wash and all you’d need is a little water as shown in the video to wash your hands.

Rating: 4.5/5

Reviews: 5.2k

Gyro Bowl for Kids

I never knew a product like this existed until I came across it on one of @texykitchen1’s videos. In the video, this Tiktoker shows us how amazing this product is while giving your kids a snack. The bowl doesn’t tilt upside down and no matter what direction I turn the bowl, its contents remain inside. 

TikTok Approved Products I Found on Amazon

I loved the design and found it to be a brilliant addition to my kitchen because now I use it to store salted peanuts.

Rating: 3.8/5

Reviews: 3.2k

The Smart Notebook

I always thought smart notebooks are a thing of the future and no one would have been able to produce one that actually works. But when I saw a video on Tiktok from @findswithkayla, my jaw dropped to the floor.

It’s a revolutionary product that is priced under $30 on Amazon and the best feature about the notebook is that it connects to the cloud, so everything you handwrite on its pages get converted to text and can be sent to your Email, Dropbox, Google Drive and even iCloud. 

TikTok Approved Products I Found on Amazon

Once I was done taking notes, I simply erased the contents of the notebook and everything I wrote was safely stored in an online drive, to be accessed at a later date. 

Rating: 4.5/5

Reviews: 66k

Electric USB Lighter

I never thought it would be this easy to maintain a lighter considering I've lost well over 100 lighters so far. This rather handy USB powered device fits right in the pocket and can be used all around the house without ever having to refill it with gas.

TikTok Approved Products I Found on Amazon

As @mommac_ shows us in the video, simply plug it into a USB port and when the battery is charged, press the button on the side of the hilt to ignite the lighter. For under $17, this happens to be the one item that I now carry around everywhere I go, and the plus side is it’s waterproof.

Rating: 4.5/5

Reviews: 31k

Water Bottle with Time Marker

It is essential to drink water regularly and keep the body hydrated. However, I did not know that I was supposed to drink water at regular intervals. But then I saw the Arcana water bottle with a time marker on @itslaurenalexandria’s profile and knew I needed to get one for myself.

TikTok Approved Products I Found on Amazon

The bottle looks like any regular water bottle, but along the sides are markers that specify how much water I am supposed to consume and at what frequency. I mean, it’s a really handy product especially for someone who is looking for ways to track their fluid intake for the day.

Rating: 4.5/5

Reviews: 5.8k

Skincare Mini Fridge

Who would have thought that there’d be mini fridges designed for skin care products? I didn’t until I came across this skincare mini fridge on Tiktok. Though the one I saw in @theskincarelab’s video was not available at the time of writing this article, I did find one from a brand called Cooluli on Amazon for a cool $50.

TikTok Approved Products I Found on Amazon

The mini fridge is not as small as I thought it would be. In fact it’s big enough to hold makeup essentials as well as a couple of Monster Energy cans and it’s available in over 6 colors (I ended up buying the blue one because it’s my favorite color).

Rating: 4.5/5

Reviews: 24k

Easy-to-Use Apple Corer

I’ve always loved my fruits and at times I tend to give up on eating apples because of the core. I knew corers existed, but never bothered to buy one until I watched @tillbate de-core an Apple in seconds on Tiktok.

TikTok Approved Products I Found on Amazon

Now, I eat an Apple a day and life’s never been better. The device is quite cool actually. As shown in the video, simply hold the tip of the corer on the top of the Apple and press down and pull the Apple’s core out. It’s a fast way to make juice or cut slices without seeds and that other funky stuff that’s there in the middle.

Rating: 4.7/5

Reviews: 14k

Flower Soap Dispenser

Probably one of the cutest Tiktok approved products that i found was this pump action flower soap dispenser. Tiktok celeb @Jushy posted a video of him using the Mykirei flower soap dispenser and boy did it look fun to use!

TikTok Approved Products I Found on Amazon

At the top of the dispenser is a pump and based on the video, the creator simply presses his palm down and lifts it up to reveal this well-defined foam in the shape of a flower. I also happened to come across another one from the same brand, but instead of flowers, the foam was in the shape of a paw print. 

Now, isn’t that cool or what?

Rating: 4.6/5

Reviews: 2.5k


Tiktok has always been my one source of entertainment, but after discovering these amazing budget friendly products, I'm sure that I will spend more time scrolling through the app in hopes of finding something new and interesting.

These Tiktok approved products I found are some of the most unusual and different products i’ve come across since my time on the site. Every single one of them have proven to be useful and I haven’t regretted buying them even one bit.

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