Best Chinese Flashlight on Aliexpress 2024 | Aliexpress Flashlight Review!

by Tim Blue on Jul 14, 2024

Best Chinese Flashlight on Aliexpress

Whenever there is darkness, one starts looking for a light, and you should always have a flashlight in your pocket which you can use in every condition. Whether you are at your home or at any outdoor place, you can use the LED flashlight to see the things with better vision.

The LED lights with the high quality of sturdiness are a perfect combination which you can get at reasonable prices now. Here are some of the best Chinese flashlights which are in your budget.

Best Aliexpress Flashlights

Chinese Flashlight Price
Shustar T6 LED Flashlight $12 on Aliexpress
Taotronics Blacklight View on Amazon
Elfeland Hand Crank Flashlight $7 on Aliexpress
Klarus G15 View on Amazon
Mini Pocket Flashlight $9 on Aliexpress
Ceholyd LED Flashlight $1.90 on Aliexpress
XHP90 Flashlight $37 on Aliexpress
Shustar UV Ray Flashlight $8 on Aliexpress
Pocketmax XML 4000 Lumens $8 on Aliexpress

Chinese Flashlights on Aliexpress

Kensun KS G-500

The KENSUN KS-G500 is an exceptional piece of technology that stands out in the world of flashlights. With its impressive specifications and innovative features, it easily earns the title of the world's more powerful flashlight. Whether you're an outdoor enthusiast, an adventurer, or someone in need of a reliable tool for self-defense and emergency situations, the KS-G500 is here to exceed your expectations.

One of the standout features of this flashlight is its remarkable luminosity. Boasting a staggering 20,000 lumens, the KS-G500 is capable of illuminating vast distances with unparalleled brightness. With a lighting distance of over 500 meters, this flashlight ensures that no corner of darkness remains unexplored. Whether you're camping, hunting, hiking, or engaged in any other outdoor activity, the KS-G500's intense beam will guide your way effortlessly.

Crafted from robust aluminum alloy, the KS-G500 is built to endure rugged conditions. Its shock-resistant design guarantees durability, making it a reliable companion during challenging journeys. The hard oxidation process further enhances its longevity, ensuring that this flashlight remains an integral part of your outdoor gear for years to come.

Adjustability is at the heart of the KS-G500's design. The adjustable focal length and zoom feature provide versatility in lighting, allowing you to narrow or widen the beam as needed. The flashlight's switch mode offers three options - High, Middle, and Low - catering to various lighting requirements and conserving battery life when necessary. The flashlight's zoomable capability, achieved by pulling and pushing the head, enables you to focus on specific objects or expand the beam to cover a larger area.

The KS-G500 isn't just a source of light; it's also a functional power bank. The built-in USB output, supported by a Type-C charging port, turns this flashlight into a charging solution for your electronic devices. This feature is especially valuable in emergency situations, where staying connected can be a lifeline.

Powered by 181350A or 18650 batteries, the KS-G500 ensures a reliable and enduring source of energy. Its impressive battery life, combined with the support for dimming across 2-4 files, gives you control over the intensity and duration of illumination.

Furthermore, the KS-G500 incorporates a non-traditional LED with a special light source and yellow fluorescent powder. This unique combination enhances visibility and clarity, making it an ideal tool for search and rescue operations.

It's important to note that the KS-G500 is not only a high-performance tool but also a means of self-defense. Its hard light feature, coupled with its shock-resistant construction, makes it a potent tool for deterring potential threats and ensuring your safety.

In conclusion, the KENSUN KS-G500 Ultra-Powerful Flashlight is a groundbreaking product that redefines the capabilities of portable lighting solutions. With its exceptional brightness, durability, adjustability, and innovative features, it caters to outdoor enthusiasts, adventurers, and individuals seeking a reliable tool for both illumination and self-defense. The KS-G500 is a testament to KENSUN's commitment to delivering top-notch products that exceed expectations.

NiteCore C17 Flashlight

NiteCore C17 is what you call the entry segment tactical flashlight. The first thing I felt when I opened the box was, it was super sturdy. A lot of people would consider it expensive for it being a Chinese tactical flashlight.

It advertised a 279 metre beam distance and when I tested it the throw was quite good and it did reach a good quality beam distance of about 250 metres. But this is far from perfect when it comes to being a good flashlight. The main gripe is with the On & Off button. This is an issue that a lot of users have complained about and that is the issue I have as well. I can never tell when it's turned on or off.

But it's not quite easy to switch between various modes. One needs to do half a turn and then hold and turn. This can be quite irritating as you'll need both hands to operate and if you are out in the wild with access to just a single hand, then you'll struggle changing modes.

The buttons are located at the base which is quite easy to operate.

The first thing in terms of the light itself, it's super bright and with the Turbo feature, it is definitely blinding. This is not a simple flashlight by no means. The IR feature works well, but just a tip, it doesn't have a bright throw when on IR mode, it just has a dull red IR light, but it does work! So don't be fooled.

A lot of people have compared it to the Sightmark Wraith and the brightness of the Nitecore's 850nm is the same! So how does it compare to the $300 Sightmark? It's as good if not better!

At this price, it's worth every penny!

Price: $129

Shustar T6 Led Flashlight - Best LED Flashlight on Aliexpress

If anyone is looking for high quality of Led flashlight, then the Shustar T6 flashlight can be a nice option for you. It comes with the rechargeable option and shock resistant which is available at reasonable prices.

brightest led flashlight

This torch is waterproof, and that’s why you can carry it for hunting, climbing, camping or night ride. It comes with high, middle and low switching mode and focal length of the battery can be adjusted. The lightening distance of this LED light is quite high from 200m to 500m of distance.

Price: $4.87

Rechargeable Solar Power LED Flashlight

This led torch is quite useful for outdoor traveling as it is totally shock resistant and comes with the power bank. It can be charged with solar energy and design like army like.

This light has also got a clip design that enable easy usage for camping hiking and climbing. The flashlight will never need batteries. No battery No worry!

Price: $6.20

Mini LED Flashlight - Portable

Are you looking for a durable and sturdy Chinese red torch? If yes, then you can get this led torch which comes with the aluminum body and waterproof feature.

cheap flashlight 2019

This flashlight is not bulky, and therefore you can take it any way you want. This flashlight is shock resistant and can be used for the daily outdoor requirement. It works with AA batteries and LED lights to spread to light up to a distance of around 100 to 200 meters.

Price: $2.90

Chinese Tactical Flashlight CREE XML T6 LED Flashlight

This light comes in gunmetal grey color with the high quality of LED torch lamp. The LED flashlights are chargeable, and the power of these lights is quite awesome because this light can work well for the special police force and detective departments.

led bright flashlight for the money

So, you can be sure that it would be helpful for you during trekking, hiking, and other adventurous Sports. Even at home, you can keep this flashlight with less weight, and it comes at totally reasonable prices.

Price: $17.70

SupFire GT60

The SupFire GT60 is a CREE enabled XHP90 36W flashlight. Considering its price, you know it's not a major tactical flashlight. But it is immensely popular because it's a handy companion while camping. While doing the review, I took the SupFire GT60 and the Shustar and the Nitecore to the forest.

The LED Lights are crisp. Here are some images of the throw in a closed environment. Here's an image of the throw in the Jungle.

The specific spotlight mode is expected to reach 330 metres, but in reality, it was more like 200 metres. Obviously this is not as good as the $129 NiteCore which has a similar throw. The battery indicator is located in the perfect spot and you'll always know when your battery is going low.

The main highlight in my opinion of the SupFire is its portability. It's quite petite and can be easily carried and also it's very sturdy. Even the promo video had a truck going over the flashlight, a bit exaggerated, but it does hold merit.

The one major advantage is the ability to change the modes and turn off the device with a single hand because it's quite small.

Check it out here

LED Flashlight with UV black lights by Jowbeam

If you are looking for a portable LED light with compact size, then nothing can be better than buying this pack of two pen flashlights. These flashlights can be easily placed in pockets and can provide perfect accuracy and brightness to the user.

You can use this light for various applications like seeing spots which can’t be seen with naked eyes. It can emit light till the distance of around 100 ft with 120 lumens of LED pen flashlight.

Klarus G15

Klarus G15 Chinese Flashlight

If you are looking for power and a lot of Lumens, then the Klarus G15 delivers. With 4000 Lumens, the CREE XHP 70.2 The beam distance of 188 metres is great for trekking and camping during the night.

It's quite tiny for such a powerful flashlight. Generally a flashlight of this power has 15% more length and size.

In terms of brightness levels, there are 5 modes of brightness and three levels of emergency lighting that is a Strobe, SOS and a beacon.

It works with a 5000 mAh battery and can give you 21700 levels of brightness. Camping near a lake? It's waterproof up to 2 metres.

At 2000 lumens, you can get 1.5 hours of runtime. At 500 Lumens, it can last for 6 hours. Can be recharged using a USB charger.

Price : $86

Aliexpress Flashlight - Buying guide

Above are some of the selection we think you will like. Most are under $10. There is no difference of buying flashlights from Aliexpress or Amazon.

What is the most powerful Aliexpress flashlight?

The two most flashlights that come to mind when you say ‘Powerful’ is Fenix TKR2D Nitecore EA81. These two are by far the powerful for the year. This mixes affordability, size and luminosity. 

What is the best high lumen flashlight?

If you mean by high, then it can go pretty high. The average is about 3500. If you are looking for higher then you can consider the 10,000 lumen light. Generally speaking, anything with 10,000 lumen is pretty big and not portable at all. But this piece right here called the Litwood Z20 has about 10,000 lumen and can be easily put in your pocket. 

You can check it out here. It costs only $10+

Features you need to look for in a flashlight

Firstly, define your purpose. I went to the forest once and I decided to carry with me a very small flashlight with super powerful lumens. My number one priority was portability. So try to figure out what your purpose is and then look at the features. If you aren’t sure at all about what you want, then you can take this into consideration. 


What is the brightness level are you looking for? This is defined by lumens. The amount of brightness also defines the distance it will cover. Bigger the brightness, the farther the distance you can cover. If you are out and about in the forest or you are taking a walk in the woods, you will need very high lumens to lighten up a dark place. 


A lot of flashlights give you an option to spread out your light. This means the angle of the light covers a wider distance. This is called the flash light beam spread. How much would you like it to spread? Or would you like a much more straight and specific light. If you are looking into an anthill, you’d want a very straight angle light spread. If you are in a forest and want to keep an eye out, then a wider beam spread will do you good. Again, there are flashlights that give you options on this with a simple switch. 

Size and Weight

Big factor. If you are one the move all the time and you will be holding the flashlight for a long time, then you need something light and it has to be easy to carry too. If you want something for quick checks that can be tied to your belt, then it can be big and quite heavy but with a bigger battery life and lumens. This also considers travel. How light do you want to pack?

Battery Size 

If you are buying a flashlight. It’s highly likely that you have a specific role for it. My guess is, if you know hwy you’re buying it, you are likely going to use it frequently. So I would suggest a flashlight with very good battery. That includes 10,000 mAh+. This might be a little heavy, but it’s totally worth it. 

Are aliexpress flashlights good?

Aliexpress flashlights are good. The good quality flashlight brands on Aliexpress are Shustar. There are replica flashlights of good brands and there are real Chinese flashlights on Aliexpress that are quite cheap. Notably, Aliexpress is the best destination for good flashlights.

Whats the best flashlight on Aliexpress?

The best flashlight on Aliexpress is the Shustar LED flashlight. It's got a rating of 4.7 with over 17,000 units sold. This flashlight has a V6 emitter which is the best in class. It has a 18,650 mAh battery that lasts for days. The Shustar is the best flashlight on Aliexpress.

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