How to Create Multiple Temu Accounts? | Learn How to Manage Multiple Accounts, the Risks and the Rules to Follow

by Dwain on Jul 14, 2024

How to Create Multiple Temu Accounts

While creating multiple Temu accounts is technically possible, it's important to understand the risks and potential violations of Temu's terms.

This guide will walk you through the process, explore management techniques, and discuss the pros and cons of creating multiple Temu accounts.

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How to Create Multiple Temu Accounts?

First things first, use a different email for each Temu account. No fakes or temporary ones – they won't cut it. 

Since Temu is currently web and app-based, download it from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Open the app, sign up using that unique email, and set a strong password. 

There’s also the option of signing up via the website, which you can choose to do by opening on a browser and creating a new account.

Fill in your details, agree to Temu's terms, and don't forget to verify your email – it's a must. Once you're in, explore Temu, make some legit purchases, and build up that account activity.

How to Manage Multiple Temu Accounts?

To avoid turning this into a juggling act, here are some tips for managing multiple Temu accounts. 

First and foremost, log in and out of each account to keep things separate. When referring accounts, space them out over time to avoid any suspicion and don’t refer more than 1 to 2 friends a day. 

Make purchases from each account now and then to keep them active. And, of course, keep your login details organized so there’s no confusion about which account you’re signed into.

Why Create Multiple Temu Accounts?

So, why bother with multiple accounts? Well, as a new Temu user, you get exclusive coupons and discounts. Imagine being able to snag those sweet new user promotions more than once. 

Referral bonuses are another perk – referring other accounts can earn you bonuses quickly. Plus, having separate accounts lets you categorize your purchases, whether it's personal or business shopping. 

It's also a nifty way to compare prices more effectively. 

Creating and managing multiple accounts will also allow you to earn benefits such as cash rewards, tokens and discount coupons, and you’ll be able to receive more free gifts by playing games on all your accounts.

Are There Any Risks Involved With Creating Multiple Temu Accounts?

Yes, as with any brand, creating multiple accounts on Temu does have its fair share of risks.

Here’s a few I came up with; 

  • Always provide accurate info – using fake details can get your account banned and blacklisted which means that you will not be able to create a new account using any of the information you had entered. 
  • Be cautious with referrals; too many to the same accounts might raise flags. It’s always best to space out the referrals over a period of days or weeks and toggle between both. 
  • Avoid any attempts to manipulate the system, and remember, Temu can deactivate accounts if they detect misuse. They also keep an eye on IP addresses to spot any shady business.
  • Using a VPN comes with limitations, as it may still expose certain details, leading to potential identification. Using a second device with a SIM card and mobile data can provide a more secure alternative.
  • Repetitive patterns, such as using the same device model multiple times, can raise suspicions. Diversifying the device information helps avoid detection and owning more than one mobile phone with the Temu app installed and logged in across devices is the safest way to go.
  • Temu only allows login through social platforms such as Google, Twitter, and Facebook. While this limits account creation options, it ensures a level of authenticity for new users.
risks With Creating Multiple Temu Accounts

Rules to Follow While Creating Multiple Temu Accounts

Like many other online platforms, Temu collects certain data from its users. Interestingly, it does not request traditional unique identifiers such as serial numbers, IMEI, or SIM identifiers.

Instead, it primarily relies on IP addresses, device information, and other data willingly provided during the login process.

IP Address: The IP address is a crucial element to alter when attempting to create multiple Temu accounts. However, using a VPN may not provide foolproof anonymity, as it can potentially expose your WiFi connections and other network details. For more robust protection, consider using a second device with a SIM card for mobile data.

Rules to Follow While Creating Multiple Temu Accounts

Background Application Activity: Temu's application running in the background at startup could potentially compromise your attempts to change identifiers. Log into each account on different devices that are connected to different wireless networks in order to bypass this identifier.

Device Information: Besides the IP address, Temu relies on device-related information such as the device name, model, model number, and Android ID. Changing these details can help create a distinction between multiple accounts, preventing suspicious behavior patterns. 

Pros and Cons of Having Multiple Temu Accounts

Before you decide to proceed with multiple Temu accounts, let's weigh the pros and cons. 

On the plus side, you can take advantage of promotions, separate your purchases, work around coupon limits, and compare prices easily. 

Having more than one account can also let you earn rewards, cash prizes and even receive additional free gifts from Temu. 

On the flip side, it does require more effort to manage, there's a risk of deactivation if misused, you'll need unique emails, and you can't combine order histories.

It’s also possible that Temu might catch on to what you’re doing and deactivate all your accounts. A simple suggestion is to refrain from breaking the system and don’t overdo it when taking part in giveaways, referring friends and family and getting free stuff from them.


While having multiple Temu accounts can be a game-changer for savings, it comes with its own set of responsibilities and conditions. 

Keep things legit, follow the rules, and manage each account properly. With the right approach, you can enhance your Temu shopping experience without getting caught or restricted.

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