Best Deals for Black Friday on Aliexpress

by Tim Blue on Jul 14, 2024

Best Deals for Black Friday on Aliexpress

Black Friday. When people hear these two words they shudder. They shudder for two reasons. 

One is the rambunctious crowds trying to get their hands on the latest wares and two is the dizzying discounts that are offered during this season. 

But, the problem with Black Friday is you don’t want to literally break your leg to get a good deal on electronics. 

A lot of you might ask, why Aliexpress?

Check the Black Friday Sale on Aliexpress

Black Friday Deals on Aliexpress

Aliexpress is one of the largest marketplaces going around and it does one better than Amazon and other marketplaces in one respect. The products are cheaper. The Chinese manufacturers directly list their products on Aliexpress and due to that, you get fabulous deals on Black Friday that you can’t get from other marketplaces.

So what are the best Black Friday deals on Aliexpress? 

Some of the best Black Friday deals are available on the top categories. Here is a list.


Womens Fashion Black Friday Sale

Top quality Women’s Hoodie

Custom Tees for Women

Women’s Sweaters - Long Sleeve

Women’s Professional Jackets - $7

Women’s Leggings for Winter - $4

High Quality Denim Jacket for Women during the Winter - $35

Women’s Shoes 

Heegrand Shoe Store 

Bassiarana Shoes

Roxdia Shoes

Onke Shoes

Kid’s Fashion

Denim Jackets for Kids - $16.99

Kids Leggings 

Men’s Fashion 

Men’s High Quality Tee Shirt - $4

Men’s Polka Shirts - $7 

Men’s Funnyshirts - $13

Men’s Plaid Shirt - $5

Men’s Adidas Tees - $3.99

Men’s Long Sleeve Shirt - $10.99

Men’s Clothing Stores

Jewelry Stores 

Sumeng Jewelry Store

Ravi Amour Jewelry Store


Headphones and Earphones and Earbuds Deals 

Mixcder Noise Cancellation Headphones - $50 

Ausdom ANCE 10 Noise Cancellation Headphones - $36

Budget Super Headphones - $10

Anker Soundcore 2 - $59 

Anker Earbuds - $26 

QCY Best Selling Earbuds - $18 

JBL T110  Earphones - $11.17

GGMM Earphones - $9.80

Onedio Headphones - $22

Smartphone and Smartwatches

Mi Band 4 - $24

Redmi Note 8 Phone - $149.99

TV Box 

Xiaomi TV Box 

Vontar TV Box

H96 Pro TV Box

Bluetooth Speakers 

Bluedio Bluetooth Speaker - $34 

Mifa Bluetooth Speaker - $39

Robot Vacuum Cleaner 

Midea Vacuum Cleaner - $239 

iLife V7S - $189 

Electronics Accessories 

Arnold Schawarznegger Phone Case - $4 

Phone and Watch Wireless Charging Dock Station - $5 

The Best Wallet Phone Case on Aliexpress - $4 

Magnetic Case for All iPhones - $2.45

Xiaomi Mi Band Wrist Strap - $0.46 

Micro SD Card - $2.82

All GB Hard Disks - $16 

Baseus Wireless Powerbanks 8000 mAh - $18.99


Affordable and Simple Flashlight - $4.05

Super Mini Flashlight - $9 

Under $2 Dollar 

Screen Protectors and Tempered Glass

Redmi Note 7 Tempered Glass

Huawei Honor 10 Lite Tempered Glass

Samsung Galaxy Series Tempered Glass

Huawei Honor 8X Tempered Glass

iPhone 7 Tempered Glass

Xiaomi Mi 9 Tempered Glass

iPhone 10 Tempered Glass

Cables and Accessories 


Magnetic Cable - One of a kind

USB - C LED Lighting Cable

Phone Grip and Phone Holder for Car

Xiaomi Mi Band Wrist Strap - $0.46 

Heat Dissipation Phone Case - $0.46

Night Vision Goggles - $0.01

Skin Care 

Black Head Remover - $0.45

Replica Sneakers 

Adidas Replica Sneakers

Adidas Replica Sneakers NEO - $65

Adidas Superstar Replica Shoes - $55

Adidas Replica - Stan Smith Version - $78

Adidas UltraBoost Shoes Replica - $64

Nike Replica Sneakers

Nike Arirforce 1 Replica Shoes - $11

Nike Airmax 270 Replica Shoes -  $50 

Nike Airmax 90 Replica - $50

Nike Airmax 97 Replica - $55

Nike Air Sneakers - $14

Nike Flyknit - $70

Under Armour Grey Sneakers -  $22

New Balance Replica Sneakers - $49.51

Nike Replica Store - Kicks on Fire

Nike Replica Store - Normal Sport Store 

Replica Football / Soccer Jerseys 

Soccer Jerseys Store

Replica Clothing, Bags, Watches

Louis Vuitton Replicas

Gucci Replicas

Burberry Replicas

Rolex Replicas

Ecko Shirts Replicas

Gap Replica Clothing

Calvin Klein Replicas

Veevan Replicas

Airpods / Powerbeats / iPhone and Apple Watch Clones

Powerbeats Pro Clone - $37.99

iPhone Clone Store on Aliexpress 

iPhone Clone Store on Aliexpress 2 

Airpods Clone Store

I80 Airpods Clone - $19 

I9000 TWS Airpods Clone - $27

I10000 TWS - $19

Apple Watch Replica - Shaolin - $65

Apple Watch - IWO 8 - $70 

Car Accessories 

Parking Assistance - $10 

Car Heated Seats - $10

Mini GPS Car Tracker - $11