Best Car GPS Tracker from China with No Monthly Fee

by Tim Blue on Mar 14, 2023

Best Car GPS Tracker from China with No Monthly Fee

After naming their pets, most people name their cars. Cars are an extension of our hands and cars are our home away from home. It is most sacred to us and it’s something we can’t see destroyed or even worse stolen. Car thefts are super common around the world, with the car’s parts being sold for money. If you want your car to be safe, it makes sense to install a GPS tracker for your car. 

Chinese GPS Tracker Availability & Price
Sinotrack GPS Car Tracker - Waterproof  Check it out on Aliexpress - $13.92
GTO2A GPS Tracker Check it out on Aliexpress - $11.07
Mini GPS Tracker Check it out on Aliexpress - $6.73
Tristar GPS Tracker Check it out on Aliexpress - $40.49
Ertengtec Car GPS Tracker  Check it out on Aliexpress - $17
SinoTrack Small GPS Tracker Check it out on Aliexpress - $11.51
iTracksafe GPS Tracker Check it out on Aliexpress - $11.92
AutoPmall GPS Tracker Check it out on Aliexpress - $12.99
Sinotrack Cube Check it out on Aliexpress - $14.95
MV720 Hidden GPS Tracker Check it out on Aliexpress - $15.72

Modern day GPS trackers can cut off the engine oil, can send alerts when somebody is trying to steal a car, it sends notifications when the speed exceeds a limit, a notification is sent when somebody is trying to cut off the GPS tracker.

We list the Best Car GPS trackers in China

Best Chinese Car GPS Tracker

#1 - Sinotrack GPS Car Tracker - Waterproof 

Sinotrack is one of the biggest brands in the vehicle GPS tracking space. They are one of the biggest sellers of GPS tracking devices worldwide. Here are its salient features - Real Time Tracking, History Route Playback, Waterproof, Geo-Fencing, Shock Alarm, Sleep Mode, Built-in 150 mAh battery, Overspeed alarm. 

This GPS tracker works with a SIM card and it is a requirement to use a GPS tracker. It suppors 9V to 80V in input voltage. It can be used on cars, motorbikes, taxis, trucks and even motorbikes. 

You can track the real-time status of your vehicle through Google Maps. It’s a pretty tough device that can operate in harsh temperatures that range from - 20 degrees and up to 55 degrees. It can also work with a humidity of 95%. 

Price - $13.92

#2 - GTO2A GPS Tracker

The GTO2A is a special mini intelligent GPS tracking device that works for motor vehicles of all types. It supports a wide-range of GSM bandwidths. It also has a GPS antenna enabled for live tracking. There is no power button, when you plug it in to a power supply, it automatically starts working. 

There are three places where you can install the GPS device. Under the front windshield or under the rear windshield or on the dashboard. 

Overall, this is a solid GPS tracker that works with SMS and GPRS for tracking. If you are looking for a super affordable GPS tracker, then this is the one you should go for! 

Price - $11.07

#3 - Mini GPS tracker 

I have seen GPS trackers that were the size of a small power bank, but this specific GPS tracker is the size of a finger. It’s super tiny and it’s perfect for your car. It has a built-in powerful magnet that can be placed on any iron equipment. The device itself has a provision for a SIM card as it uses GPRS technology to track your vehicle. There is a hang rope hole in case you want to hang it in your car. 

It has a battery life of more than 4 to 6 days. It has an operational temperature ranging from - 20 degrees to 55 degrees celsius. If you want a tiny GPS tracker that fits your pocket and your budget, then get this Mini GPS tracker! 

Price - $6.73

#4 - Tristar GPS Tracker

The Tristar GPS Tracker is one of the best GPS trackers available online. It’s a mid-range tracker and has numerous features that we will get to in a bit. Firstly, it’s a pretty thick GPS tracker with a 22mm width. It can be used on a truck, car, baggage, container and other large vehicles. It has a super-powerful magnet that can be placed on any iron component on the vehicle. The working time for this GPS tracker is about 7 to 10 days. So it’s perfect for a weekend road trip. So how do you track the vehicle?

You can use Google Maps to track the vehicle. It has an accuracy level of up to 100 to 1000 metres. So a maximum of 1 kilometre will be the difference. If you want to check the route you have taken, it also has a playback of your movements up to 6 months. 

Price - $40.49

#5 - Ertengtec Car GPS Tracker 

This product is a 2G enabled product which won’t work in countries that have renounced 2G and move on to the 3G bandwidth. It has a real-time tracking feature, where you can see your car move on the map in real-time. It has a geo-fence feature that lets you set virtual boundaries on a map, beyond which an alarm will ring out on your cell phone, in case the vehicle crosses these borders. 

The GPS uploads your data to a server from where you can access your past history and see where the vehicle is gone! 

It also has a speeding alarm that immediately rings out when the vehicles cross a certain speed. It also has a vibration alarm when somebody is trying to forcefully access your car. It sends you an SMS notification immediately when the breach is felt by the GPS tracker.

It has a free app that you can use to access your tracking information. 

Price - $17.00

#6 - SinoTrack Small GPS Tracker

The major problem with a lot of GPS trackers is the fact that it can be easily identified by thieves and thrown out. If you are looking for a small device that can be hidden from the view of car burglars, then consider the Sinotrack Small GPS Tracker. The Sinotracker fits in the palm of your hand. It uses the SMS/GPRS tracking real-time tracking technology. It works on the GSM quad-band frequency. It also has an over-speed alarm.

This is one of the smallest and most powerful GPS available in the market! 

Price - $11.51

#7 - iTracksafe GPS Tracker

The iTracksafe GPS Tracker is a budget GPS tracker that you can get your hands on for just about $11. It’s a perfect device for a car or a scooter. It is waterproof and works on a wide range quad transmission. It has a high sensitivity GPS & GSM antenna. It has SMS phone alerts in case somebody over speeds or is trying to break into the car.

It has the Geo-fence technology and it’s free for life! The 180 mAh battery is sure to work for at least a week. You need a SIM card for this GPS tracker to work! 

Price - $11.92

#8 - AutoPmall GPS Tracker 

The Auto P Mall is one of the most well-rounded GPS trackers out there. It has a very strong form factor and awesome features. Firstly, it’s quite small and can easily fit in the palm of your hands. It has a few notifications such as the GSM Status LED, GPS Status LED and Power Working Status LED. It has a USB data interface and a power connector as well.

It works with large cars, small cars, trucks, motorcycles and other vehicles as well. It has the real-time tracking feature that you can track using Google Maps. The GPS has a location accuracy of 5 to 10 metres. 

Price - $12.99

#9 - SinoTrack Cube 

To seal the list off is another SinoTrack GPS tracker. This is a differently designed GPS tracker with numerous features. It’s installation is quite different as it has to be plugged into the OBD port. If you aren’t sure where that is, you might need to hire an expert to fix it for you. It has real-time tracking, route playback, leaving alarm, speeding alarm and built-in battery. 

Price - $14.95

#10 - MV720 Hidden GPS Tracker

Chinese car gps tracker

The hidden car GPS tracker from China is the smallest and it's super easy to install. There's GPS Tracking, LBS Tracking and GLONASS Tracking. The MV720 looks like a relay, but it's actually a locator. Can send a SMS command to get real time tracking location or the app can be accessed. The oil can be cut off on command remotely with a simple text message which stops car thieves. There is an overspeed alarm that tracks the speed of the car and sends a notification via an app or a message.

It has ant-theft features, where a notification is sent, when somebody is trying to steal the car as well. It also has a wirecut alarm, which rings when somebody is trying to disengage the GPS.

Price - $15.72

#11 -- USB Car GPRS Tracker

Chinese GPS Car tracker

One of the most covert GPS trackers are this $6 USB Cable based GPS tracker. It's a dual device that can be used as a charger as well. The one downside is a requirement to have an external power when using this tracker. This USB tracker has a SIM card slot that is pretty discreet.

You can text DW to the SIM Card number to get the location. To display the location of the car at all times, this can be slotted in the USB port.

Price - $6.17

Things to know before buying a GPS with no monthly fee: 

Power source: GPS tracker can be powered by OBDII Port which requires charging when the battery goes down. Check the battery’s mAh before buying a GPS tracker to know about the power source. 

Countries in which GPS tracker works with no monthly fee: A GPS tracker with no monthly fee might not work around the globe and might differ from region to region. Check with the seller if the tracker with no monthly fee works in your country. Afterall, you don’t want something that won’t work in your area. 

Data storing time: It mostly depends on the device. There are trackers that retain for a year only and there are also trackers that retain for longer periods of time like 3-5 years. You might also be required to pay a fee to retain your data in some companies. Confirm your cost and such details before buying the device. 

GPS tracker location update time: This depends on the model you’re buying. Most GPS trackers update their location every 15, 30 or 60 seconds. But there are also trackers that get updates after 3-5 mins. Check your default settings and correct the update time according to what’s feasible for you. 

If you are in an area that is susceptible to theft, then you can go for the GPS devices that are small and that can be hidden. If you are getting a GPS device only for basic tracking, then you can go for one of the powerful options available.

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